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Started by Ellowee, 2015 Jan 24, 04:13:53

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Aww what happened to the pony I created before?  >.<
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I know it isn't right, but whoever hacked LoE doesn't deserve just to walk away from this. I say we retaliate!!!!!


Got in, flew about 30 seconds then got timed out. I'm going in again apparently. Exiting and reopening seems to solve the room problems and character loading. It just seems like, though, not sure, probably not.

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Quote from: Zas on 2015 Jan 24, 04:54:44
"no character selection room is running at this time"
Quote from: PunkOfSteam on 2015 Jan 24, 04:55:07
I be getting the same message. It sounds like they are repairing things step by step.
Quote from: Anca on 2015 Jan 24, 04:55:57
My game keeps disconnecting me saying that it doesn't have room for character selection. Anyone knows why this happened?
i think its just y'all clicking the Login button at the exact same time :s


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hmmmm server is now full?  I've actually been wondering why there is only one server open this time around.


Hey, the server is full and I can't get in. Are there going to be more servers soon?

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Wait ... someone do that ?  O: DDoS attack LoE ? Really ? REALLY ?  >:O It's just ... i don't get it  :l

By the way, good luck with that to the team, don't worry about us, you rock !


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Quote from: Hash Myth on 2015 Jan 24, 04:46:35
Close the game then re open it, fixes it but the server is N/A on ping still

I was in creating a pony and bamn, disconnected... Been playing The Crew until it's resolved  ^-^

I really must say I thank everyone on the LoE team for working on fixing the issue... I also really wish that the computers that are doing the DDos Attack catch on fire and meltdown!

Well, that still didn't work somewhat as I'm still at the Server Listing...

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Quote from: Lyuba1211 on 2015 Jan 24, 05:03:00
Aw,it's full already :с

It's not much better on the inside, trust me. *Currently stuck trying to load map upon login*


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I have it worse. Not only my LoE says the servers are full, but also the program itself would unexpectedly crash due to some Mac issue. I do hope things will get better soon.


Server is full, and Mac client seems to be crashing without cause.


The screen suddenly darkens a little and everypony is frozen. Confirmed by comments in the chat, nopony can move. Then it goes light again and we can move, then dark and light every now and then moving and not moving. The chat works while the movement doesn't.



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I guess I'm destined to not play this game. First problem was "fixed" after the update, but by then the DDoS thing happened and had no way of knowing about the other errors to come. (Discord's Denial of Service - until I find out who was responsible for it, I'm blaming him). Now that's pretty much settled but can't get in due to other errors. And when I went to try again to see what the errors were, the server was full. Only thing left to try at this point is uninstall and try the other version. See you in a couple hours (hopefully).

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Edit: I managed to sneak in when someone apparently logged off and got the "Fatal Error in GC" "DuplicateHandle Failed"


 :l I guess I'll go check on my MC server while waiting on this to work.
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Please be patient everyone!

We're working very hard to make sure the game is playable for everyone!

Soon we'll have more slots for everyone to be able to play again! Hang on in there.
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Got stuck in a meadow past cantermore there were some deer like creatures hovering between trees and suddenly an invisible wall prevented me from going anywhere. I also saw a dragon in the distance it was pretty cool.

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I wonder, why only one server is available. In last time were over 6 servers.  Is it temporarily or Permanently?  :(

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