The New Doctor Has Landed!!

Started by Howitzer, 2014 Aug 25, 18:05:32

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So, as all you Whovians know, Peter Capaldi has officially taken over as the new doctor. This topic might seem  a bit late (pretty late) but no one has yet to put one up. For those who have seen the premier, talk about it! Let us know about how much you liked (or disliked) it (spoiler it of course). For those who haven't seen it, how do you think Number 12 will do?
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Came into Doctor Who during the era of Matt Smith and his energy really made the show for me. Capaldi seems like he'll play a different kind of doctor, and that's okay. I'm looking forward to seeing how he'll fill the roll. As it stands, I just hope the writing will be good.


He'll do great. I tend to view each Doctor on their own seperate scales. Of course they'll all be different. It's the reaction with the companions and the environment that gets me. Though we haven't see much of that yet, so let's wait and see!
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I haven't watched the show since Tennant's days.  After he left it never felt the same to me.

Watching the commercials that keep popping up, I have a feeling it will stay that way, but for the sake of watching it to say I tried I likely will, but the vibe I get is he isn't as energetic as even Matt Smith...

(Yeah i'm a bit biased.  I absolutely LOVE David Tennant)


I have to say that I like capauldi but not as much as 10


I have a feeling there's a pattern for all the Doctors...
Back before Peter Capaldi, the rave was all about Tennant. Who was, the doctor before Matt. Now, the rave's all about Matt Smith, so whoever is the previous doctor from the current one, tends to be a fan favourite.

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