Legends of Equestria Servers Now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Aug 11, 12:31:43

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Hello, everyone!
The Legends of Equestria servers are closed!

Thanks for an awesome weekend, we hope you enjoyed your time with our game!


oh how come the servers are only on weekends?  D: ono :'( :(

Blitz Freeman

Well, I had no problem downloading the game, but a bunch of real life stuff got in the way this time. So, I wasn't there :c Even so, I'd like to thank the LoE team for volunteering their time to bring us this amazing game. If you were on the servers this past OSW, I hope you had a ton of fun! I will continue to follow the progress on this project, and I look forward to the next OSW, when ever it might be!  ^-^
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I absolutely LOVED IT! It was my first time on this game, and it was so much fun, even though I couldn't connect to the servers at times. I can't wait for the next Open Server Weekend.  :D  ovO

Uh.. When IS the next OSW anyway, if I may ask?  :3


I had lots of fun!... a few ups and downs through out the weekend... but still had fun  ^-^ the end was pretty sad though...  :I


Absolutely loved the event and I am very sad to see the servers go down :'(

I can't want for them to come back up and run around as my OC for countless hours haha


Welp. This is the end of this OSW, my friends. I missed you all and the game was fun. I can't believe it's all over. made new friends and many more. thanks for everything. i salute you for now. i hope i see you again. Until then.....



This game's really fun. However, I couldn't fully enjoy it because it kept on crashing (stuck on loading screens, weird bugs (I'm on a Mac)). But when I could play, I really had a good time !  0:)


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420/10, best. game. ever.


yeah I would quite happily just play it as it is now for hours  ^-^

Jacob Skysword

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I had a lot of fun in the game with my two marefriends Pinkie and Love Beat. Don't know why they both hit on my but I'm kinda glad that they both like who I am! But it's safe to say I'm still in touch with them! I kinda wish that you guys would do OSW's more oftenly but I understand you guys need time in order to make the game so yeah... good luck with making the game! Try to increase the time that the servers can run before crashing and decrease the rate in which the servers crash!


ya it was allot of fun it would have bin nice if i did'int have to uninstall avast
but other than that it was grate


Tons of fun. Hope the staff can keep up the good work and the game is even better for next OSW.
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i only got the game today so im sad i missed out  :c  >A<  ovO   D:  DD:  ono


Had a good time indeed. First time I played it. I only found out about the existence of the game a couple of days ago, so I was fortunate to play along this time. Can't wait for the next one.

A big thanks to the entire team!


It was pretty cool. Love what you guys are doing.

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I had an awesome time on LoE cant wait for the next open servers  :D :] (:
Hope the next one comes soon. :l ^-^


I had a great time on LOE. It was my first time on it and was amazing! :D Though it was sad to see everyone leave :c but enjoyed the fun nonetheless. But now I cant wait for next time!!! ^-^ :D :D ^-^


It was so awesome, I REALLY ENJOYED IT! When is the next OSW?


I honestly have to say that the game is breathtaking so far! I really enjoyed playing LoE, and it left me wanting more! But patience is the key to success! The staff has done an amazing job so far, please continue the amazing job, and never give up!

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