A Game of Musical Ponies - Another Song-based Forum Game

Started by AaronMk, 2014 Jun 23, 13:53:34

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Ever wanted to see what show horse they can match with a particular song? Just want another excuse to puke up a song onto a thread in the vein hope you can convert a plebeian to your master taste of music? Well, why not both.

Rules are simple:
- Listen to song above you, or as much as you care to tolerate
- Post pony you think matches the song closest.
- Post your own contribution.

Hard mode involves giving a breakdown on why such-and-such horse matches such-and-such song. This may be difficult or a walk in the park depending on the song and possibly how ever "fringe" it is. Pop songs of any genre may be more easily applied to any number of ponies.

Also for my benefit I'd like to ask that you at least post the link to the song. For folks like myself, the video don't actually load and render in posts and there's a massive blank space where the videos were. So if you do include the embedded video, include the link embedded as a backup. Or so someone can listen to it in a different tab as they go off to some place else.

So, having said this. Let's open:

Tom Petty - Learning to Fly (Acoustic, Live)


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