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Started by _Vinny_, 2014 Jun 15, 02:13:45

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Well, I'm starting a career as a musician. wish you all could see my site, I'm still a bit of trouble to create my songs, but I'll do my best, that's my dream, and MLP showed me that dreams come true, my love of the My Little Pony, and my love of the Vinyl Scratch, and DJ-PON3 and their songs on youtube, and the entire fandom. I created my first song. I love you all. and you helped me achieve one of my biggest dreams, which was to create a song, this Topic is actually just a thanks to all the Bronies of the world, all this fandom, the DJ-PON3 and especially Vinyl Scratch, which is whom I try to inspire me, I love My Little Pony, and I love the fandom, thanks to all  <3

BRO /)*(\ HOOF

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