Open Server Weekend August 8th-10th!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Jun 13, 09:53:42

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August can't come soon enough... and I still haven't settled on a name for my OC.
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Well, I'm excited! I look forward to making sure that this community keeps a family friendly environment while in-game. 0:)

I need to work on preventing run-on sentences, but y'all know what I mean!

Not to be confused with Zukiuke


 :D yaaay the last time i missed it  D: and than it kept saying to many downloads within 24 hours.. this time... Ill be camping on my computer 


Fantastic.  Perhaps I can be around more than I was last time.

I also look forward to seeing those game updates.

In person.


A fifth open server weekend of this game?



Itty Bit

Will it feature a playable demo of Super Smash Bros for the Wii U?


Well I hope this next open server will be stable enough, not d/c us all the time, and probably we can enter sugarcane corner than the last stress test. I know the game is still on pre-alpha and stress test, but i'm just putting my hopes on those things.
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OhMiGoshOhMiGoshOhMiGoshOhMiGoshOhMiGOOOOSH! =P

This is just SO AWESOME! :3
August is my Birthday so this is like a birthday gift! But the OSW seems to be getting closer and closer...maybe this is a good sign! :]

Thank you LoE! :D


My 3rd time playing....I just hope theres not so much crashes like the last open server

And I get another turn of beating up those dragons for their items hehehe... ovO
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Cant wait to meet and play with all of you silly ponies <3, this is going to be fun, fun, fun, fun!  :D


I should really check the forums more often. Second open server for me and I can't wait for it!
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Ditto Fireleaf lol

But ohmygosh I'm so excited!  :D


Woooo! If I get on my name will be summer skies, pink pegasus matching eyes and a long blue mane
Oof it's been too long


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Omg yes I've been waiting for this forever!!!! Thank you so much for doing this! Can you add a feature?: When you start to create a pony and there is unicorn, pegisi, and earth can you add Alicorn please? I'm so excited for this even though it will be in a long time! Thanks so much! :D   ^-^  :]  :3  0:)  <3

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It's already been confirmed alicorns will not be added to the game.  Only the main 3 classes will be playable.


Aww yea, the medic's in the house baby, ready to rain down some healz up in here! Them dragons are gonna think twice about messing with my crew, I'm a white mage son. You Don't Mess With The White Mage!
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Is it just me or is the time between OSWE getting shorter?  ^-^
I'm curious to see the progress you made since lase one.

Quote from: Pipkin on 2014 Jun 14, 18:53:40
It's already been confirmed alicorns will not be added to the game.  Only the main 3 classes will be playable.

Changelings wont be added either. DD:


 O: August is my birthday, will be a gift for me to play Legend Of Equestria  O:
                                            :D I'M SO EXCITED  :D


Quote from: _Vinny_ on 2014 Jun 15, 01:53:38
O: August is my birthday, will be a gift for me to play Legend Of Equestria  O:
                                            :D I'M SO EXCITED  :D
Same here, too happy for words! :D


Sweet!  ^-^ I can't wait!
But uh - one quick inquiry. Is it alright if we record videos of the goings on within the game? It'll still be awesome either way, but it would be cool to do a video on it. Thanks!

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