One Week Away!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Apr 11, 13:30:52

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i had mah' friends on skype and we where all hyped! now they are sleeping they cant stand the wait

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Mine keeps telling me that the servers are down?
Mine alternates between that & wrong username/password, though I've double-checked the latter and they are both correct.  :l

Probably just technical difficulties...

I'm having that same exact problem, and so is my girlfriend. Hopefully they'll get this straightened out soon; I'd like to play before I go to sleep. Good luck, everypony!

same here, mah wife and i finally get a chance to play
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I'm getting the exact same message. Either my username & password are wrong or the server isn't up yet.  :l


And here I thought I would be the only one staring at the clock this late at night waiting for the game to open.  lol


hey look, i'm twice!


I swapped shifts at work with someone so I could be home in time for the servers opening.  :c
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Odd you guys are getting errors and i'm not getting anything at all, so I can't tell you what the error is since i'm not even getting past the logging in screen.

Just be patient while the team rectifies the situation.  Thank you.


Hope we get in there soon, I have been prepping and pumped for this for so long lol. In the mean time, we could discuss grouping up, or potential role plays. :D



Sitting here trying to manage to log in but I keep getting told that the server isnt open. I even got me a soda ready for the night.


Just to be sure: we log in with the forum username and not the attached e-mail, correct?


People are starting to say they can log in now, try again :)

And yes, Username and password from the forums to log in


Quote from: StarlightGlisten on 2014 Apr 18, 00:21:15
Hope we get in there soon, I have been prepping and pumped for this for so long lol. In the mean time, we could discuss grouping up, or potential role plays. :D

Ok! Meet my OC, Dream Catcher.

If you spot her, wave! :D Too bad I can't give her, her dream catcher cutie mark...  ono


You might want to start setting up search parties for the evershade forest.
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aww my char's gone... :c

time to redo...

hey look, i'm twice!


I fixed this on my client by switching my operating systems time zone from pacific to atlanta. Sorry if this is double post. X3


It says now:

Server Listing

Cutiemarks .. Downloading
Items .. Downloading
Abilities .. Downloading
Skills .. Downloading
Recipes .. Downloading
Item Atlas .. Done


Okay, I am finally in, but where in the wide world of Equestria can I change my ponies color???  O:


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