MLP EG Pure Proper 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Music

Started by Rainbow Twist, 2014 Apr 10, 12:21:11

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Rainbow Twist

2014 Apr 10, 12:21:11 Last Edit: 2014 Apr 10, 12:24:39 by Rainbow Twist
For anyone that might care, most everything I see online is still 2 channel stereo flac/mp3/etc and so forth, which by all means is entirely fine. But anyone that has an appreciation for Multi-Channel audio, specially when it comes to a properly mixed/mastered version in 5.1 or better surround, it's considerably better experience. I really wish more music artists would touch on surround. Since the introduction of mono ~> Hi-Fi Stereo, there was a brief period in which Quadrophonic audio was being utilised as well. Though Disney was the first to really create a surround sound environment way way back in the day, seemed back then most were still comprehending mono setups and were just thrilled enough to have something.

8-Track cassettes (no, not the Cassette many people are still familiar with, the BIG huge ones) were the first multi track tape that allowed car manufacturers and home audiophiles their first experience of quadrophonic audio, using 4 tracks to create 4 separate channels of audio. And then by the mid 80's or later it mostly fell into obscurity. The other fact is that some of these systems could "enhance" FM Stereo or other stereo 8-tracks into a quadrophonic experience, it actually sounded pretty good.

Since then it's been dull stereo experience for the last 3 decades, even with the last 15 years having full access to proper 5.1 Audio mixing software and capabilities. You'd think with the ever increasing file sizes/bitrates to accommodate high quality surround that more people would enjoy working with it. In fact i'm rather surprised many artists haven't jumped head first into it simply due to what they could really create for amazing audio effects.

But instead, i'm finding more and more artists that really don't even take full advantage of stereo. Majority aren't innovative or even creative anymore, just dumping tracks and such.

Granted i'm not overly enthusiastic about the mlp eg surround that was implemented for the music, it seemed a touch bit tacked on... a few effects and various sounds emanate from the rear channels, but otherwise it's a touch better than straight up stereo IMO.

I only ripped, cleaned, encoded 4 songs out of the movie. (the only source to get 5.1, everything else, soundtracks and such are all stereo only). I have nearly Lossless 1280kbps 5.1 AAC versions of these songs too, but I didn't upload them, unless there is demand.

Here are AC-3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) 640kbps Bitstream Compliant to any supported DD5.1 Decoder or computer that can already decode DD5.1. (every DVD/Bluray player on the planet can decode/read this format too).

I've used Arcsoft DTS-HD Master Decoder to decode the Master DTS audio properly (I did not extract the core dts-hd) which gives about the best source material you can hope for (lossless). And then using ffmpeg/libav AC-3 encoder (which currently is the best AC-3 encoder out there for quality) encoded the following. Granted there is more involved between.

Either way, TL;DR or lets just have at it.


MAKE CERTAIN TO DOWNLOAD the file, DO NOT LISTEN as the media player on the mediafire website doesn't decode the AC-3 track properly, missing several elements and will not be 5.1.

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