Good news, everyone!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Apr 01, 01:55:02

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Every Facebook Ad on your screen means another breakfast burrito supreme in my tummy. =P Every time you click Like in the Facebook game fills me with another bucket of southern deep-fried okra oh so yummy. lol Every game invite you send to to a Facebook friend is another triple-glazed banana pudding pie making me plump and gummy. :3

These messages brought to you on April 1st.



Since it's April 1 today, I'm not really buyin' it... lol

But sounds intriguing.

...Awww. You don't-a accept-a Gold Coins?


I say this funding should go towards improving our technology to a point that it is ready for public release.

Like, for example, buying a server for the website that ruddy well works.
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And this is why I try to stay away from the internet on April 1st

Itty Bit

Will it offer occulus rift support?

Nala Valor

Oh silly April fools. If the moose transfer wasn't enough, LoE gets bought by a company that would not only ruin the game, but probably downgrade the graphic and gameplay AND not to add that it would scare off closet bronies. Also, Facebook doesn't own any apps if I recall except maybe the event app and a few utility others. If they were really bought, it would have been by someone like Zenga or some other company that makes Facebook app. Also, I don't think doge-coins are thing but I can be mistaken on that point.

Boom demistified, you can walk away now.


and I will still play it.....


Wait... There's one big error with this whole thing! If Facebook bought this game, it would mean you made money off this game! But you have to make NO money off it to avoid copyright issues! So if this is real, you might just be screwed due to copyright! If I am not mistaken, that is...
I'm back


Between you and Hasbro 1st April fools joke... I will have my revenge... dont worry ovO


I guess this means no open server weekend this month now for the original game.

It would have been nice to play through and experience the beautifully created world one last time, before being converted into carrot fields.

I don't know, I just, yeah...

Either way, I wish you developer guys all the best with this new direction.

Just one question though, will the carrots have fully customizable manes, tails etc ?


This is beautiful. I love April Fools' day.

Perry The Pony

Glad evryone enjoyed our little prank.  Back to work all ya'll

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