Do you like Brony Music?

Started by Freewave, 2014 Jan 25, 16:10:55

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Icy Shield

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Before I became a brony, I almoust didn't lisen to any music. But since then I was interested what fandom music are there and found many great songs and I still mostly lisen to brony music. One of the oldest brony musicans I lisened was Aviators. His music is still are top hits when ever he release a new song  ^-^
So, let's start at him

when ever I think of pony music, classic Octavia symbolize it for me

Rock, even before I became a brony, rock was always and still is my favorite music type.
Rock helped me deal with stress or atleast it released my anger and express it in music. This was  especially common and harsh when I used to go to school. But even through those days are over and I no longer eperimence that much negative emotions, I grew up with rock and I love to lisen to it even when I calm and happy  X3

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I've listened to a few songs by the Wasteland Wailers, they are quite good and I also like a few metal brony songs as well

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