Do you like Brony Music?

Started by Freewave, 2014 Jan 25, 16:10:55

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Just dropping off the 2 blogs i run for MLP music community.

One is the Brony Musician Directory at which links to all the different musicians and includes their links, examples of the music, and descriptions. Also includes features like a genre section

Also have a news site for the community. It's like Pitchfork for Ponies. News, reviews, interviews, albums, etc

Anyway hope you check them out and if you're not familiar with them already i guess you are now   :D


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Yeah, brony music's cool. Here are my personal favourite Brony musicians.



Screams From Equestria(who I'm also friends with)

And last but not least, Br0racle.


I don't know. It depends on the music - if it's good, I'll like it. I won't simply like it because it's "brony music".
But if it was up to me, I wouldn't have mixed ponies with music.


I personally like Wooden Toaster or Glaze the most.


Since I stumbled upon him I've come of the opinion that La Soldat Pony is well worth anyone's time.

His YouTube page.



I've only seen the one brony musician, but his music is SO AWESOME  :3 in my eyes. Eurobeat Brony, or KingspartaX37.

He does original tracks as well, but this is by far my favorite of his works.
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I listen to the Commercial songs like Discord.
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Oh yeah. I like brony music a lot.
Ever since I listened to my first pony-related song, I've been addicted.   ^-^
In my opinion Synthis, Evening Star, General Mumble, The Living Tombstone, WoodenToaster, and Mic The Microphone have the most interesting and catchy songs.
These are in no particular order...I like them all equally!   <3

Synthis   (there was a mystery error for the first three)

Evening Star

General Mumble

The Living Tombstone

KnifePony song remix by The Living Tombstone

WoodenToaster and Mic The Microphone

WoodenToaster remix


I love all the brony EDM stuff, especially All Levels at Once. He's one of my favorite musicians ever.




When I first joined the fandom, I felt all alone on planet rock.  Then I heard these:

Snow Crystals

Yes i like Brony Music that's including brony fan base music as well.

Lync Volan

after watching the series i got more into the fandom and found some very good songs that i enjoyed alot
v3 listing

but there is 1 song i heard without knowing it was "Brony" which would be "Discord" and the reason i did not know is cause i never bothered to look up the song and the song was on a BRS AMV


If it sounds good, I listen to it.  PrinceWhateverer and Feather are a couple who I tend to frequent.

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I've been a huge fan of Techno and Trance, and some Wubs for ages and my favorite Pony in the series is Vinyl Scratch, aka DJ Pon3.

Youtube been a great place to find PMV's as well as following DJ Pon3.

But I don't like the music just because its Brony Music... I like music I like... It just so happens that a lot of it comes from the brony community.

WARNING: Some of DJ Pon3 on youtube is rated MA, you have been warned!

(the ones I posted are okay though)


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Brony Music is the only music I'm listening to since I'm a Brony.
I really love this Fandom for it's incredible Music scene.
I know many Musicians but I have some favorites and one absolut favorite

Absolut Favorite is 174UDSI! I'm also a very good friend of him, I'm almost like is "Manager" xD He said it not me xDD

One of my favorite voices has Reuel

Newcomer of the year is WoodLore !!!

People who really like Brony Music know FritzyBeat!

Freewave you are Amazing too!!! Y

And many other Amazing Musicians more... It was in purpose that I did not mention one of the BIG ones, cause it's no secret that they are great


To be honest, I have not listened to a lot of briny music, but I have listened to this briny rock band called Equestrian Lord who have some cool rock songs and who sadly I don't think are around anymore, but still they do sound pretty good, rock music is one of my main music tastes.  :]


I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't.  :l
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A lot of it is hit and miss. Some of it is good, some of it is bad.

In my opinion, the two best brony musicians out there are L-Train and DivinumX. But that's probably because I am a huge fan of Metal.

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