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Forum suggestions / Map modification suggestion
Last post by cupcakelavender - 2022 Nov 27, 17:27:07
I recently joined, and I am still learning my way around. I am also directionally challenged, and I am going to assume i am not alone. While the map in the game is helpful to a point, when it comes to finding for example a specific building in the same area for a quest, it is still a challenge especially when they look very similar. Even if its one i have been to before, i still spend a lot of time trying to find the right building. For example, gala hall, and cantermore school, can look pretty similar. So I wanted to propose a suggestion that for sake of all who struggle to read maps, including myself, and get lost easily, in addition to the current map, perhaps when guards give directions, something like a pin can be placed on the map so we have a target to aim for. In addition, I would also like to suggest putting pictures with labels of shops, castles, and other locations that ponies can visit. That way they can find it easier without having to spend a long time trying to find the right place. So for example, put some kind of image to represent gala hall, and also label it gala hall. I think this would make game play easier because it will help eliminate the frustration of getting lost while trying to complete quests.
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General News / Re: Legends of Equestria's Sum...
Last post by agendatomatoe - 2022 Nov 22, 02:11:58
Love it  <3  I'm really looking forward to this

moto x3m
Art / Re: Fan art of twighlight spar...
Last post by Howitzer - 2022 Nov 20, 19:53:54
I think the URL is a bit broken, if you add ".jpg" onto the end of it the picture will appear.

Another alternative is just above the rainbow dash emoji's there's a button called 'insert an image'. Enter the URL into there and the picture will appear in your post.
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Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - November 19th 2022 • show
Art / Fan art of twighlight sparkle
Last post by cupcakelavender - 2022 Nov 19, 16:30:29

So, although I don't consider my skills to be fantastic yet, I do like to draw, and i wanted to attempt a fan art of twighlight sparkle. ( may add background later but wanted to share what I have now). So, here it is
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Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - November 12th 2022 • show
Introductions / intro
Last post by cupcakelavender - 2022 Nov 15, 21:42:57
hi, im new here. found this and as someone who just got into watching mlp, i wanted to check this out. Irl I am studying to work with children with disabilites
Hi, I play LoE on iPad and everytime I try entering the Heartland it crashes. I managed to get in but everytime I log it I can't get out the area unless it crashes again.
Please help.
Art / Re: Soobel's things
Last post by Soobel - 2022 Nov 11, 13:39:56
Yes its candy brush too. And actually also fur brush too, that makes Luna furry and shiny :)
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