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Quote from: Malphy on 2016 Jan 17, 03:43:30
Put all the bad OCs made by the community to make it perfect  ovO

Like the mass collection of mine I made up perhaps?  ovO

Quote from: Jet Streak on 2016 Jan 17, 16:07:33
To be honest, I'm an easily pleased brony so I pretty sure I'll love the movie even if it just seems like one double lenth episodes. ovO

I am as well, for the most part. I tend to like about 98% of the episodes that did come out. And I happen to like near 95% of the fan made stories that I personally read.

QuoteMy only worry is if they decide to make somepony act completely out of character just for the sake of the plot. (Example:Pinkie Pie growing an ego out of nowhere when Twilight offers her help in "Baby Cakes" :I.)

I tend not to question Pinkie's actions on the show too much. And it would not be the first time she got herself an ego over something. Like the time to flipped out over seeing her friends try to avoid her. How she would not leave Cranky the donkey alone despite his own insistent that she does. And the rather personal competition she had with Cheese Sandwich.

The one thing to consider when anyone may seem out of character, is to look for what may have triggered it. In this case, Pinky is just as old as the other girls (even if she dose not act it most of the times), and when something is challenging an inner struggle to identify one's self to others, it can flip a switch in some, none may have though was even there when it happens.

In the case of Pinkie, during that episode, she was trying to prove that she is grown up enough to handle taking care of the two foals on her own. She needed to prove it. And when Twilight challenged that notion, Pinkie snapped at the though that she still could be seen as incapable of handling the situation on her own.

Hell, the episode name alone 'Pinkie's Pride' tells that, yes, even Pinkie can have for herself some self pride. One that at times she may feel the needed to defend.

Look how exasperated she was getting when none would help her in getting what she knew was needed to lead away the para sprites. Though she was frustrated, she did not let it stop her in doing, even if on her own, what she knew was needed to be done.

I don't see so much Pinkie being out of of character when she got upset with Twilight, to Pinkie's mind, Twilight suggesting she could not handle responsibility on her own. I see it more as a chance to get to know a side of her not shown before. It to me does not fully make her out of character, but adds to what she can be like, when all the right buttons are pushed.

Take Fluttershy for example. She is shy and Kind to a fault. Though under the right conditions, she can be both brave and self sacrificing. She doesn't like to fight, but she fought Dash and got hurt doing so to help entertain the Crystal ponies. And she was willing to go off into the Everfree on her own to save a bunch of chickens. She even faced off against a monster of the Everfree to save the other three girls that followed her in. She did the same with a big Dragon when it was going to attack her other friends. And all of that from a pony who would normally hid in a corner shaking, when things get scary.

Though all Fluttershy has done, is very much a part of who she is, even if it may not seem like her at times.

QuoteMy mind exploded when I heard Derpy say "Muffins". Then you say that. I never even thought about that. Jeez, I'm was having enough trouble waiting as it was. Man, I wish it was 2017. D:

Yes! My mind did much the same when I saw how Derpy was during the 100th episode. I would love to see more of Derpy and the Doc together. When I saw them together as they where the 100th episode, and many of the other antics pulled off in the combined dream world Luna pulled all the ponies into, I thought was great! I would love to see some more moment like that in the movie.  :D

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Quote from: Princess Darcy on 2016 Mar 03, 17:46:59
As for this topic, the idea of an actual pony movie is awesome and I have been looking forward to it for some time.  I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

From what little I came across about it, it looks to me like it is going to be, and it's not going to be another EQG. If the roomers are correct, they are not only gong to show the first (not in a dream) male alicorn, but a not so talked about very powerful brother of the two royal sisters. One who controls the space beyond the Sun and Moon. It may tell that wile many think Luna control's the Moon and Stars, but it would seem her unseen brother controls the cosmos of stars beyond.

Don't quote me on any of that however. I don't really know. But it be quite cool to me if it was true.

I have a feeling that he may end up being like 'Time' was like the the Alice Through The Looking Glass movie. He may seem almost villain like in his unyielding to what others may think is important, but via what he controls, he may have a better insight into what is more important outside of the understanding of others. And not such a bad guy.

Quote from: FlashWing on 2016 Sep 27, 15:12:51
The movie is gonna have new characters too ^_^

So I have been told.  ^-^
I am sure you wish to get comments from those that actually stopped watching the show, as your question asks. But, as for me and others here who posted it, I have not stopped watching it.  :P

I started watching it during season two, and still watch it for the same reasons I started to. I just found it funny is all, and still do.

I don't try to rationalize if a kids show is going to have an awesome over the top plot (as some readers of fan made stories near demand that fan made stories should be, all the time), episode after episode. And I know the show will change, and not be how it started out as. But I am one who looks to see how it will change, and neither hope, nor expect it is going to be as it was in the start.

I would say, Twilight turning into an alicorn was one such change that made a split among the fans, as to if the show is going to be good anymore. It looked to me like the show possibly lost a lot of fans then.  :s

So long as the show continues to be funny to me, I likely will not stop watching it, till it is eventually over.
Quote from: Asriel on 2016 Dec 03, 11:54:33
A better pitch would have been if you could test it on multiple platforms. For example, I have a Linux machine, so due to the relative lack of testers, I am more likely (statistically) of getting in.

Way to stay positive about your chances.  ;)
And I agree, I think they would indeed be selecting from a variety of testers. Your setup may not be as much the norm as mine likely is, so I am sure you would be near retroactively selected, just for that alone, if it is all that unique.  ^-^

Me, I am sure I have a generic setup.  :P

I am running on a (an old non VR ready) gaming laptop, running Windows 8.1, an older i7 and older Nivida chip. Other than not being VR ready, it can play many 3D games quite well. It has little trouble with most any 2014 game. No Man's Sky, is one It can't play, as a newer game.

So, I got something good (good enough to play this, I am sure), though not a stand-out setup.  :s

Should be interesting to see if I get selected within the next few days. To those that do get in, cheers!  :D
Got my application in.  :D

I did play around in SL about eight years ago, and thought at first when I fist saw this back when it was new that this might end up to be something like SL. But from what I can see, this is so much more than that, and will love to give this a test run.

After some time, and the developers wish to expand on this some more, that is well beyond what it is now and have it working well, I think a good expansion to the game might be including other playable character options. Something like being able to play as a griffin or diamond dog, or anything else one can think of.

I though a dragon might fit, but they get so BIG! and that would not be good, nor easy to add as playable.

OH' in time changelings might make for an interesting change to add as either playable or just to see in the game as an NPC, including their new form shown on the last episode of the sixth seasons. And they did have a variety to them after that. 

Well, if I am picked, see you all there.  ^-^
With all these neat new changes, this is looking to become an awesome game indeed.  ^-^

I like that you have it set so such things as flying will exert a pony. Would be a bit more cool if as one levels up, one can make doing such tasks a bit easier.  One could build up some fast flying speed, or some long time flight, or create a balanced flyer, as one levels up. This I think could also be added to such things as running, and spell casting.

Well, what you have looks great so far. Can't wait to try it.  :D
This, posted about nine days ago. I got to check in more often.  :P

I am one with a limited internet connection, as in I have a data limit of about 10GB per month. But I do at times log in for free at a local country store for about five hours on the weekends.

This should be fun to try, and see what input I can give about it. If I do get in, it would be my vary first time, for I missed every other opening opportunity available up to now. So, I have not once tried this.  ovO

Well, here is to hoping that I get the chance this time. I just need to check in a bit more often to find out when and if I can get myself on this limited list of test players this time.  :o

If I can, see you all there.  ^-^

As for what I have, I have a basic Toshiba laptop, running windows 8.1 64 bit.. It has an Intel i7-4700MQ. 16 GB of RAM. For graphics, ruining a Nvidia GeForce GT 740M, and Intell HD Graphics 4600. It is not a power PC, nor VR ready for such as the Vive and Rift, but it can handle many a 3D games, just fine. I have been able to play The first Crysis with little to no lag while having many of the setting set to medium.

I run many a 3D development software on this thing of mine as well. Software such as LightWave 3D 11.6. ZBrush 4R7. 3D Coat V4. And currently Unity 5.4.1. Each with little to no problems.

I am also currently using much of that for trying my hand at some Gear VR app development. Mostly with the help of Unity ,LightWave, ZBrush, and XNormal.  Mostly for any first person, and even some third person movement in a gaming environment.

I have some success in it so far, and in time I may have a demo ready for some to try, available in the Sideload app site for Gear VR content outside of the Oculus app store.

This is all so exciting!  :D
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Sep 13, 21:18:29
I have missed every open weekend so far!  >:O

Due to no one's fault but my own.  :P

But, this news of a full game release is great news to me!  :D

Now, if only I can find a way to be one of those that get to join in after it is ready in December.

Seeing how many may wish to be there too, I fear I may not make the cut, however it is each person is chosen to being able to start in this.  :s

I must be able to join, or I may be forced to hack the system and release an onslaught of W.O.W. mohawk grenades on everyone.   ovO

Just kidding, I can't do that even if I wanted to.  X3

Still, it will be cool being able to try this out sometime, even if I have to wait till some time next year, till more can join than the first few exclusive picks.

One day. One Day! I will eventually see you all there.  ;)
News Archive / Re: One Week Away!
2014 Apr 21, 17:33:51
Quote from: pfiutek1 on 2014 Apr 21, 04:52:44
I played the whole weekend. It was awesome.

Youuuuuuuu!  >:O
Quote from: cobalt_lightning on 2014 Apr 19, 17:34:18
Quote from: Pinkie98 on 2014 Apr 19, 16:05:20
Wont. Connect.  ovO

Because you're fighting with thousands of other people, myself included, just to log in.

EDIT: To save you the trouble, it appears the server(s) internets are taking on too big of a load, and are continuously kicking everyone off and out.

This has worsened enough since the last stress test that it's becoming near unplayable.

Wow! In a way that is kind of funny.  :P
So many trying to get on all at once and the sever is having a hard time handling it.
It shows just how popular or just populated this is at the moment.
Just wait till it is a full go! This place is going to crash like Rainbow Dash drunk flying, face planting the ground.  lol  o.O
Quote from: That_Blue_pony on 2014 Apr 18, 23:42:22
Hello! and im on the game. its great so far. I am sweet peace on Piaffe if you want to find me!

So many are able to try it. I do hope it will work for me next time.
I have tried it on two different PC's. One running windows 7 on an AMD, The other with windows 8.1 with an Intel i7, both 64 bit windows. Both do the same thing, not work.  ono
I am glad some get to enjoy the test runs of this WIP. I would not mind giving some of my own input on it, that is if I get to try it. Seeing that it is still being worked on, it is good for the developers to know some are still not able to get in the game. Just another fix to try to work around and make it more stable for more to be able to try it, in time. Of course that is what a WIP means, a chance to see what is working and have a chance to fix it up a little more. Looking forward to the next new build and sever launch. Maybe I will get to see some of you then.  ^-^
I have the new one. I just downloaded it on the 17th. It is the 64 bit setup. Dose not seem to be working. I try to log in, but nothing happens when I press the log in button. I am using the same log in name and password I set up on this site. Is that the correct log in info I need? If so, it dose not seem to be working.

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OK, I just tried it, a little different. This time I did not ask it to save my password, I just hit Log in instead. Now it is telling me Error: you need to update the game. But I just got it new on the 17th. How new dose it need to be?
I guess I may need to try again next time you have an open game weekend going. Maybe the next new build will work then.  ono
News Archive / Re: One Week Away!
2014 Apr 18, 19:08:11
So new to this. OK I have the 64 bit version. Have not been able to log in to the game.  It is the 18th. This should be working.
Is the 64 bit program not working? I am trying to download the 32 bit setup, as some have said that one works. I guess do to the game in use by others, the download said it will take 2 hr to finish. Well, time will tell if it works.