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Introductions Archive / Hello Everypone!
2017 Sep 19, 03:13:25

I've been into the show since 2011 but practically left the show and fandom around the whole twilicorn debacle season 3-4. Still, I've always had poniponi in the back of my heart and have been recently trying to get back into the show/fandom. A few days ago by pure chance I went on EqD and found a post saying this game was in open access- so I looked at the trailer and just knew that I had to play it!

I was hoping to play on September 12 (my 6th poniversary since discovering the show) but was having trouble with the Linux installer. Also by chance I was reading an mlp mmo fic just prior and thought it fitting  :P

Anyways, I hope to make some friends here and have a good time. Seriously, be my friend.  DD: