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Resolved Issues / Re: Upcoming Birthdays
2013 Jul 19, 01:43:07
Sorry, but no. Birthdays give out too much personal information involuntarily.
Media page will host things such as screenshots and videos of the game.
Yes, the Team page is very out of date. We'll update it as soon as possible!
Hey everyone.

If you're registering on the forums in order to play the game, you might notice that you'll never get your activation email. GMail limits us to 100 emails per day, after that no more activation emails can be sent.

We are manually activating all accounts every few hours. Thank you for understanding.
Emails sent from AT&T should be fine, AT&T just doesn't accept emails sent from
AT&T and their associated email providers do not accept our emails, so if you're planning on registering, please use any email address that is not from them. Thank you!
Quote from: Tekner on 2013 Jun 19, 16:03:19
Quote from: FanofRainbowDash on 2013 Jun 19, 15:43:01
Does the game work best with a desktop or a laptop? Because I wanna get on the moment I wake up on the open server day.  :D
Another way to look at it is that the game is an MMORPG, and requires a mouse to play. Most people have trouble using a laptop's mousepad to play games, so if you don't have an external mouse, it'll be harder (not impossible, though) to play on a laptop. I myself keep switching my mouse between my desktops and my laptop.

Unskilled casual. Laptop touchpads all the way. :nod:
Resolved Issues / Re: Merging Posts
2013 Jun 07, 20:02:11
I'll increase the limit to 50,000 characters (please don't actively try to spam and test this limit).

I think the main reason SMF made a character limit is because of any errors that may occur. A person once sent a PM that was 20,000 characters with no breaks and it ended up crashing his inbox. We had to manually remove the message. :I

Anywho, hope everypony enjoys the new Post Merge and the increased character limit. ^-^
Resolved Issues / Re: Merging Posts
2013 Jun 07, 03:44:39
Well I could always remove the character limit, or increase it. But 20,000 characters is a loooooooot of characters, I don't think we'll run into a problem too much.
Resolved Issues / Re: Merging Posts
2013 Jun 07, 03:19:42
I think it ignores the character limit, but I haven't tried it out yet.

Edit: It gives you the "The following error(s) occurred while posting this message:
The message exceeds the maximum allowed length (20000 characters)." error.
Resolved Issues / Re: Merging Posts
2013 Jun 06, 23:46:55
arise chikun

Post Merge: 2013 Jun 07, 14:47:00

chikun nuggits

Post Merge: 2013 Jun 07, 11:47:06

tada. ^-^

Post Merge: 2013 Jun 07, 08:48:25

test moar

Post Merge: 2013 Jun 07, 05:50:45


Post Merge: 2013 Jun 07, 02:51:42

Hopefully the time stamps are correct.  :s

Post Merge

QuoteMySQL timestamps are stored as UTC, converted back and forth to current server timezone.

Well. The simple solution is to remove timestamps until I figure it out, if ever.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Report Card
2013 Jun 02, 18:31:16
You said this was confidential. DD:
The Legends of Equestria IRC is no longer an official part of Legends of Equestria, so we are not responsible for any content in the IRC.

Thank you.
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 29, 00:53:28
Hahaha, nice!

Okay, guys. Enjoy your sugarcubes.   =P

Thanks everyone for testing out this new feature.
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 21:47:56
Okay, everyone. I hope you enjoy your sugarcubes, teas, sunglasses, chicken nuggets, apples, robots, and tin foil hats. :3
From now on, sugarcubes will be given to those who do nice things on the forums.
Think of the others as prizes for being around for the testing period of awards (they can be awarded at any time too, but will most likely stay retired).

If you have any ideas for any other awards, feel free to post them. ^-^

I'm still not sure if awards will be around permanently or not, but for now just have fun with them.
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 04:54:14
Does he like sit? :3
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 04:34:25
Quite. :nod: Have some sugarcubes for your tea, Bloomberg.
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 04:05:15
So shiny. *-*
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 03:19:59
No one has enough badges to determine how they'll be shown. I think you can have a maximum of five badges showing right now.
I think there's a favorite badges thingie in your profile, there's a Show Awards in your profile info that allows you to favorite awards, but I'm not sure what that does.
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 03:06:28
Do they have to have a point? :P Just fun stuff for the forums.