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News Archive / Re: Welcome to LoE!
2012 Mar 19, 14:12:51
Yes... sleep.
Anyways, yes, new smilies are coming soon. Please hold. ^-^
News Archive / Welcome to LoE!
2012 Mar 19, 03:52:03
Hey, everyone. I'm sure you remember me, and tons of the other leaders from the former project we worked on.
As more of you are finding this site, I'm sure you would like to know what happened.

Some have already stated that RainDrop's side of the story, as posted on the Equestria Online homepage, is quite biased.

While you guys get used to the new forums (still under construction, and we may have a few problems with the host at the moment), be rest assured that SweBow or perhaps all of us will give you our side of the story.

We wish no ill-will to what happens over at Equestria Online, but almost all the team leaders (with the exclusion of RainDrop) and many - if not all - the project's dedicated and talented staff, are at home with Legends of Equestria as a new project.

I hope you understand that a majority of what changed was simply the name of the project and a teeny-tiny bit of leadership.

Also, new smilies coming soon, these are awful huh? :P

If any teamleaders have a problem with this post, feel free to remove or edit it.