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Get this shiny new Bindle badge by posting here or being online during the Great Web Host Migration of 2013!

Fancy huh? :]
Hey, everypony!

I'm thinking about livestreaming soon, I'll be inking and coloring the sketch below.
Why is the pony a question mark? Because I'll randomly pick a livestream viewer (or we could have some fun little contest) and draw the winner's OC in the blank pony's place!
And maybe I'll draw other pony requests and fun pony stuff.
How does tomorrow (Monday) at 3 PM PST (6 PM EST) sound?

pls note i don't livestream like almost ever so i might need a few minutes to get everything set up  X3 <3

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Okay, streaming now. ^-^

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Chosen pony was Applejack. :] Here's the lineart so far.
You might be right. It does take a few seconds to load for me. I'll try splitting up the thread into multiple threads.

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Life in Ponyville has now been split up into 4 different threads.

Life in Ponyville parts I to III have been moved to the Canterlot Archives.
Part I
Part II
Part III

Please inform me if you are still experiencing lag. ^-^
It's not doing that for me - are you sure you don't have any add-ons or extensions in your browser?
Can you link to a thread that does this for you?
We will be switching web hosts some time this week.

The forums and website will be down for a few hours while this happens, and probably be in maintenance mode a few hours before the switch.

This is to help upgrade our servers, meaning that the forums should run smoother with fewer errors in addition to making logging into the game easier.

Thank you for your understanding. ^-^ <3
Hmm... right now we don't have a report feature for the chatbox - it's a little bit harder to report for a chatbox since messages are regularly cleaned out on a daily basis to conserve space on the servers, so posts aren't permanent.

Ideally, moderators would be able to check the chatbox at differing timezones, but this isn't always the case since our moderators have responsibilities out of our forums.

If you see something happening and there isn't a moderator online to deal with it, please try PMing me or the moderators with screenshot evidence if possible.
Hey, guys. (This isn't related to anything regarding the forums or site.)

When you're browsing a website, do you like it when they continue loading content - resulting in endless scrolling, or do you prefer clicking on pages?

I personally prefer pages. I like using the scrollbar when scrolling sometimes; endless scrolling messes up my scrollbar size and then I accidentally hover over the "Show Desktop" button. Eugh.

So how about you?  0:)
The Retirement Home / Re: -EmoShys- Music
2013 Oct 16, 00:11:57
Do not claim other people's work as your own - this is your final warning.
The Retirement Home / Re: -EmoShys- Art
2013 Oct 15, 19:29:53
Do not claim other artist's work as your own.
Sorry, I disabled all text effect features in order to keep the chatbox simple and not allow people to use glaringly neon rainbow colors that distract from other messages.
I've also seen people use text colors in their roleplay posts as their character's "voice," and I don't wish the chatbox to degrade into a roleplay chatbox.
Hey, everyone! I'm sure you noticed the new chatbox.

The chatbox is only accessible on the forum index for now and only forum members can see it.

  • Do you think it should be on any other forum pages?

  • Do you think the chatbox should have its own page in the forums?

  • Should smileys be enabled in the chatbox?

Any other comments, feedback, or suggestions welcome!
The Retirement Home / Re: No LoE chat?
2013 Oct 11, 19:46:31
Can you... can you see it? On the board index.  o_o

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Okay, guys. Thanks for testing the chatbox. ^-^ I took it down for now. Maybe it'll be back in the future!
Added a page drop down. ^-^
Resolved Issues / Re: 508 Errors
2013 Oct 05, 00:24:22
This will be fixed when we get better servers sometime soon. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you understand. ^-^
I've checked every page of the thread in your original post, and I have not received any errors. If this happens again, please post here with a screenshot and a link to the exact page again. Thank you!
I do like mentions, but one problem is that SMF allows usernames with spaces, and that would mess up the tagging. Tagging user "Derpy Hooves" as @Derpy Hooves would imply you're tagging "Derpy" and Hooves is simply part of the message.
As of now, there's no real mention modification except for one package that we would have to pay for.
I'll try to keep looking, though. ^-^
This isn't necessary or beneficial to the forums.
Quote from: MintyMints on 2013 Jul 20, 20:28:32Kinda looks like the ears in the most recent one aren't part of the same mesh like they are in the earlier ones.

Yes, the ears are a different object. I'm pretty sure it was to make animating them drooping down when sad easier.
Resolved Issues / Re: Upcoming Birthdays
2013 Jul 19, 22:28:20
I am not going to go this far to alter the forums just to get to know people's birthdays or allow people to display more personal information.