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On another forum, where I used to play games of Mafia, someone linked the first episode in a video thread. It took a few days for me to go back and actually watch it, but when I did I spent all my free time watching straight through to the newest episode, which was 19 at the time. I liked it that much. Over a Barrel was the first episode I watched live, and I pretty much kept up with it ever since. Pony avatars took over that forum for a while.

From there I went to spending most of my time on /co/ and then to synchtube until it shut down. I still talk to the people I hung out with on synchtube over skype.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Favorite Pokemon?
2015 Aug 19, 16:56:03
I couldn't pick one favorite, but my ideal team would be: Lilligant, Milotic, Lopunny, Scolipede, Lucario, and Absol.
Hi, this is Necroceine! Or, if you ran into me during the past weekend, Resonance. Turquoise mane, orange coat, unicorn. Anyway, I just joined this OSW last night, and I haven't slept since. I have to work in the morning, but I am staying until the end. I usually don't enjoy MMOs nearly this much. So for that reason alone, here I am! If the community was so fun the past weekend, I figured why not continue to be a part of it?

Man, I haven't been a regular on a forum in years.