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Off-Topic Archive / Re: Windows 10
2015 Aug 27, 19:29:45
I tried it out already. It was good, at first. I get to the problem I had later. I really liked having multiple desktops, it came in handy when I was running my Pathfinder campaign and needed access to at least five different programs at once. I actually preferred the start menu from 8, myself. I never used Cortana or Microsoft Edge.

Now what made me go back to Windows 8 was that an update made my computer no longer able to connect to the internet. I had a thread open on a forum for about half a week and I had two one hour long support calls, none of which helped me find a solution to the problem. After the second call was dropped and they didn't bother trying to call back, that's when I went back to 8.
I love Bayonetta, except for it penalizing you pretty harshly for any deaths and also having QTE events that will instantly kill you if you fail. One or the other, I could certainly live with, or if QTE deaths weren't equal to deaths in a fight. It's just lucky that it's such a fun game otherwise.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2015 Aug 24, 20:21:28
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Yeah okay! Mine's 2122-6640-1563. Of course, I usually play when I'm out somewhere without internet.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Favorite Pokemon?
2015 Aug 23, 20:53:28
Oh no, how did I forget Slurpuff!? Slurpuff is basically my spirit Pokemon!
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2015 Aug 22, 13:14:33
I don't often go for fighting games, but I do like Soul Calibur, the only 3D fighting game like this I've played. So maybe I'll give it a shot. Luchador Pikachu was amusing and unexpected, but I bet I'll be playing Lucario, Gardevoir, Sneasel, and maybe Suicune.
Quote from: Misty Morning Dew on 2015 Aug 21, 21:26:29
I agree, I think 'Pinkie Pride' was the best character building episode for her.

Same here. I really liked how they put her in a similar situation as in Party of One and she was able to get over it on her own that time.

But for my favorite Rarity episode, I would have to say Simple Ways. It was just a really fun episode all the way through with a bunch of little jokes. There seems to be a good chance of that changing pretty soon, though.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2015 Aug 20, 22:36:17
Granted. Your super powers are permanent invisibility and a hypnotic third eye, now if only you could find someone who can see still you.

I wish I could meet my great grandfather.

I'm always up for a Duck Game or two, or Dark Souls! Most likely any multiplayer games I have I'll play if I have someone to play with.
I just finished Layton vs. Wright. I've played all the Phoenix Wright games but none of the Layton games. It was pretty enjoyable. A couple puzzles I didn't like, but for the most part they were good. The visuals and the twist ending were very good!

I also just picked up Code Name STEAM and Bayonetta 2, looking forward to playing those.

And of course as ever I've been playing Dark Souls for the hundredth time.

A friend introduced me to this band a while back, and most of their songs are really good, but this one I had on loop while I was driving home from a concert (different band, The Shinolas) earlier in the week.