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Off-Topic Archive / Re: Coffee or Tea?
2015 Sep 27, 21:02:18
 Tea for life.
While I was away I completed Dust: An Elysian Trail on hardcore. Great game with a decent story. Got me to hesitate for a minute when it asked me to confirm that I wanted to quit for the last time, for whatever that's worth. Now I'm playing Saint's Row 3. Fun times.
I think I need to watch this episode again to say what my real thoughts were, but for now I will say I hope we see this duo featured more in future episodes.
Spoiler: show
The big pony at the end showed up in an earlier episode
Spoiler: New Episode • show
I liked it too. My favorite part was that they didn't completely demonize Sassy for having an opposed idea to Rarity. So often with a story like this Sassy would've been kicked out in disgrace, or something like that. But she was clearly depicted as competent during the middle of the presentation when she let Rarity talk.

Visual design aside, Sassy was a good character given a good amount of depth and backstory from just a few lines in this single episode.
Not my favorite Rarity episode, but maybe second favorite.
Oh, that's where people have been getting that it's going to have microtransactions. I am less interested now, honestly.
Video Games Archive / Re: The Longest Game
2015 Sep 11, 06:29:09
In Final Fantasy IX I got stuck on Tiamat when I first played it. Back when it was the most recent final fantasy game and the PS2 hadn't been released. I finally beat it a year or two ago when I secured a copy and replayed through the entire game.

On a similar note I started Ocarina of Time shortly before the Gamecube and never made it past the forest temple as a kid. I later tried to complete the Master Quest version but didn't make it there either. Maybe three years ago now I used a friend's copy I was living with, but I had some difficulty (for the first time in that run) with Volvagia and never got back to it. So I still haven't beaten that.
Ingress is really good, and it has none of the bad practices in mobile gaming so I've got high hopes for this too.
Oh cool, I didn't realize they had shown that much of Velvet's move set. Or that she was Rarity's replacement, somehow.

Among other songs on the album
I started playing Freedom Planet for the first time on hard a few months back. I do this with most games and later turn down the difficulty if it gets to be too much and I'm not having fun. It turned out to be a very hard game, but I was having fun so I drop down to normal. I took a long break and just got back to it tonight, when I pushed through the last three levels.

To give some sense of the difficulty if you haven't played the final boss's third and final form had one attack that would do enough damage to reduce you to one heart from full health, and he starts the battle with that attack a moment after you can move. You have to attack at the same time as it to parry. If you miss the parry you can only take one hit before death, and he will keep using that attack.

The final score screen says I died 440 times.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2015 Sep 06, 01:39:58
Sinking Ships is one of my favorite songs too, but I haven't really gotten into any of FritzyBeat's other music. Never heard of Turquoise Splash before, pretty good. That third song reminds me of a really good fanfic I read about Mr. and Mrs. Cake's life.

Anyway, I'd list Aviators and AllLevelsAtOnce with my favorite artists, but all their songs I like the best aren't pony songs. So instead I'll say Tarby, BlackGryph0n & Baasik, AcoustiMandoBrony, and probably my absolute favorite being Ponyphonic.

Ponyphonic has released very few songs but they're all amazingly put together. My favorite among them being Harmony Ascendant. It's like an epic fantasy saga and/or origin story in a six minute song.

Tarby doesn't seem to be quite as good live as he is in a studio, but I like him anyway. He covers some rock genres I like that no one else seems to be doing, at least not nearly as well in my opinion. The songs I like best of his are Nightmare Moon and The Night Will Last Forever. One embodies the character really well and the other is a fun reinterpretation the infamous line.

BlackGryph0n and Baasik have great vocals, instrumentals, and some cool mixing effects in their songs. It took a while to narrow down but I think my favorites are Quest (This Can't Be All) and Faster Than You Know.

Finally as for AcoustiMandoBrony, My favorites would be Loyalty and Kindness. Even though Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are really not my favorites, they nailed those two songs. I also really like A Long Way From Equestria. It reminds me of Journey's Don't Stop Believing with the male and female characters and the general tone.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what they turned Rarity into personally. Between the roll of fabric she would attack with and the gem attacks the moveset was pretty tied to her character too. It'll be interesting, especially if she isn't a unicorn like the Twilight replacement still seems to be. And I hope she isn't, because it'd be more interesting to have each character be a different species.

I still don't play fighting games much myself, but I have been following the team pretty much since it was formed. I'm invested in seeing how it turns out, in some abstract ways. If nothing else it's been interesting reading their more technical posts about how they're building the game.
In Dark Souls some time last weekend I invaded a gank squad in The Painted World of Ariamas three times. The two phantoms were using dragon king greataxes, but I don't recall what the world's master was using.
The first time I was pinned on the long bridge you start on and the phantom used the axe's aoe attack to kill me.
The second time, I killed the first phantom and as I was fighting the second the world's master backstabbed me.
The third time he tried to do that again but I saw him and rolled out of the way. That time I killed all three, and then I invaded both the phantom's worlds and killed them there too.
Oh, wow, how'd I miss this? Guess I'm more out of the loop than I thought.
Well, my wallpaper cycles through a folder of 144 images. Most of them are pony related.
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2015 Aug 27, 20:41:08
I got Bayonetta 2 earlier today, and I'm playing it right now....

I mean it's just your score that it penalizes for the most part. But getting a stone trophy because you died to a couple QTEs sucks.
Applejack is like the straight man of the group and on top of that has her life the most together. She's got a successful business she isn't looking to expand. She's competitive and stubborn to some extent, but they've explored that plenty even in just season 1.

All of those traits require another character to play off of. The straight man, the competitor, or the stubborn. And that all makes it difficult to write an episode focusing so heavily on her. She cares about her family and wants Sweet Apple Acres to be a successful business, but that leads to Apple family episodes (or Apple family + Mane 6). I think she needs something new and personal to be able to really carry her own episode. Maybe if they have the map send her somewhere alone... but short of that, I don't really know what her episode would be about at this point.