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News Archive / Re: Servers Now Closed!
2015 Apr 26, 14:59:13
Will LoE ever be able to finish? a full release?

Because my silent never works and I really wanna play :(

P.S I didn't get to play.
I actually couldn't make it, the launcher wouldn't load or open the game for me :( oh well..
Quote from: darkdestiny on 2015 Jan 24, 15:10:44
That's better than I am. I keep hitting update and it says "503 error server unavailable." I can't even get in the game! :(

Same  D: D:

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Why not expand the server weekend for next weekend too!? DD:
Cant even play, launcher wont launch.
Quote from: Calm Melody on 2015 Jan 25, 10:41:54
When trying to update, I get an error from the launcher "The remote server returned an error: (503) Server unavailable."

But when trying to load up the game anyways (I don't know if its up to date as it is, but I figured I"d try anyways) and it gives me a "login failed: Your username or password may be incorrect." is this happening to anyone else?

Same with the Launcher saying error 503, i have never played. and I want to play.

Does anyone know how I can play,  >.<