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I browsed around, looking to see if this was implemented, and was shocked to find that it doesn't exist-- in either the forum OR the game.  This is bothersome as there are plenty of ways to excessively bother someone without breaking any LoE rules or written laws by any country's jurisdiction.  Having a "Block" button on the forum and something like a "/ignore" command in-game would finally ease one from having to deal with the nuisance who pesters them to no end. 

I will reiterate, that there are ways for one to be bothered without breaking Legends of Equestria rules or written laws by any country's jurisdiction.  This means that reporting them to a Moderator-- or anyone else of any power-- would be completely useless.

This could also lighten the load from Moderators for having to deal with cases of "This person won't leave me alone", so it's good all around, I think.  I firmly believe this should be added, and very soon at that.

Thank you for your time.
Original Characters / Jadeite
2016 Jul 20, 14:44:38
I felt like dumping my ponesona into here.  Some information is omitted due to the forum rules here, but her full profile can be seen at my forum.

Name: Jadeite
Age: 19 years
Sex: Female
Species: Pegasus
Ethnic Group: Fringan
Language: Equestrian, Fringan (English, Japanese)
Blood Type: O-
Aura: blue violet
Element: Water
Mane/Tail colour: Forest Green
Coat Colour: Ice Blue
Hoof Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Lavender
Cutie Mark: none


Jadeite was born in the small town of Starlight Village in the Fringe in mid-autumn, during a meteor shower.  Due to the village's very small population, the shower was perfectly visible from almost any location within it, making it one of Jade's very first sights in the world.  It is believed that, due to such, she grew a passion for wonder.  As she grew, she fluidly wandered about, eager to learn about the world around her.  Everything about the world intrigued her to no end, and she used this passion to get a firm grasp of her surroundings. 

As Jade grew older, becoming a young mare became a touch difficult for her.  She found herself wondering a lot more about herself than the world around her, making her become fairly self conscious.  It got so bad that there were points where she refused to speak out of distaste for her own voice.  This led her to become very shy, and cause her days of exploring to come to an end.  This tore her up inside, as she wanted to adventure and learn more about the world, but... she couldn't bring herself out of her own shell. 

Once Jade became a legal adult (at the age of 16), this feeling got worse as most all the countries assets were suddenly readily available to her.  As such, she did her best to force her way out of her shyness and take up National Communications as a career.  She felt this way, she could not only help prevent wars, but also explore the world while doing so! 

During her years in National Communications, she was able to aid in a treaty with Zebrica, neutralize the feud with Camelu, and set up a healthy import and export with Cervidas.  With all these accomplishments, her govermnet decided it would be best for her to be the prime staff to go make a treaty with the most individualist, yet most terrifying country: Equestria.

Written Appearance:

Jade is a fairly short Pegasus mare with ice blue fur, forest green hair, and deep lavender eyes.  Her wingspan is fairly average for her height-- only a little smaller.  Her eyes are a touch bigger than average, giving her the appearance that she's younger than she really is.  Her mane is well-kept and very, very soft, while also wavy to the point of slight curls around the tip.  Her fringe/bangs are fairly long, reaching down to her chin when free.  Her coat is fuzzy as well, but also well kept, as are the feathers on her wings.  Her teeth are mostly straight and white, save for the general ware-and-tear, except for her canines which seem duller than average.  She has freckles on both cheeks-- three on each side.

Spoiler: Photo • show
I decided to be nice and post this up for @wingedpineapple as they were too lazy to find the emote themselves, as stated here:

Here is the emoticon I found that could do the job: 
Resolved Issues / Forum Team Page
2014 Oct 26, 03:28:07
Hello.  I was looking through the forum from complete boredom, and came across the "Team Biography" category.  This made me think for a moment, and after a little searching I noticed that the forums do not have an actual "Team Page".  For those who don't know, a Team Page is essentially like the member search page, but it only shows people of certain ranks; such as Administrator, Moderator, Programmer, Public Relations, so on and so forth.

It lightly bothers me that there is not a page for the entire team, as I noticed one of the biographies in the category, by the user "Kit", does not even exist.  Tekner also is no longer a programmer, but simply a moderator.  I also have seen around an "X group Lead" rank; essentially being the leader of the set group of workers for Legends of Equestria.  Is there only a Concept Art leader?  According to the Team Biographies category, that seems to be so.

Ultimately, for those who don't feel like reading the first two paragraphs, I'm suggesting for there to be a Forum Team page; a page that shows every staff member of LoE.  It's not really difficult at all to make - should only take a basic website developer around fifteen minutes if (s)he's multitasking.  I apologize if the request seems like I'm whining, but it's just ultimately a little pet peeve of mine.  I'm also sure that at least some of the other members here would like to know the full list of dictators staff members on these here boards.

Thank you for reading.
Original Characters / Zephyr Mocha
2014 Oct 21, 16:41:56
Primary Information:
Name: (Last, First) Mocha Zephyr
Age: 22 years
Sex: Female
Height: 10 Hands (100.16cm)
Species: Pegasus
Birthplace: Procella, Lunar District
Current Residence: PonyVille, Lunar Crest District

Personal Information:
Occupation: Alchemist, Hobbyist Poet
Ethnic Group: Astralis
Blood Type: AB+
Understood Languages: English, Latin
Aura Colour: White
Vision: 20/20 (minor Astigmatism)
Vision Enhancement: None
Elemental Charge: Air
Cutie Mark: Alchemy: Air

Mane/Tail Colour: Brunette (Sephia, Brown)
Coat Colour: Tea Rose
Hoof Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Deep Sky Blue

Biography: Zephyr Mocha was born on a rather pleasant, late October afternoon in Procella; within the Lunar District.  Her remarkably vivid mane matched that of the rest of the Mocha bloodline, and her rather large, slightly furry wings gave the sense that she was born to fly.  Symbolically to her wings, her parents decided to name her Zephyr. 

As Zephyr was growing up, she found it excessively difficult to learn how to fly.  Other ponies around her had thinner, more feathery wings; and thus were able to take off with ease.  Her, however, was barely able to make it off the ground; let alone remain airborne.  As her struggles frustrated her further, she eventually grew to give up on flying entirely; studying Alchemy instead.  She was always interested in Alchemy; the elemental accomplishments that were done with it astonished her, and drove her to learn more about it. 

After three years of dedicated Alchemy study, her school's Flying class exams came up; an exam used to see who could progress to the next level of learning, or be held back to relearn what they clearly hadn't already.  The thought of trying to fly terrified Zephyr, and when practically forced to go to school, she wouldn't let go of her Alchemy book that she had written during her studies.  The book was fairly bulky, due to the years of research written into it; thus making it fairly heavy as well.  As long as she was holding that book, it seemed fairly clear that she would never pass the Flying exam.

During her time waiting to be called up for her exam, she wouldn't get her nose out of the book she had written in; intensively studying even while waiting.  As she read, an idea came over her, and her fears seemed to melt away.  As she was called up for her exam, she closed the book, but still refused to let go of it.  The judges seemed sceptical about her having such a heavy book; seeing as how she had such a hard time flying on her own.  Could she have really improved so much in so little time?  As Zephyr spread her wings, she remained completely focused, as though she were channelling her energy.  After a short moment, she took off into the sky with intense speed; a light green-blueish colour shaping a symbol staying on the ground for a fraction of a second before fading out.  She was flying!  There was a small flash as she flew, but she assumed it was just the sun getting in her eyes or something.  What was important was that she was finally flying.  As she returned to the ground, she received a remarkable score from the judges for her performance, and she passed her exam; marking her eligible for progressing to the next stages of schooling.

When she returned home, she had found out that the flash she had seen earlier was not the sun in her eyes, but rather her cutie mark forming.  On her flank rested an Alchemy symbol for "Air".  As Zephyr gazed to her new accomplishment, she was not stunned in the least bit.  She knew it had to trace back to when she took off from the ground during her exam, using the help of Alchemy to do so.  As she continued through life, she kept that reason as a fair secret; never breathing a word of it to anyone, as it rather embarrassed her to think that she still couldn't fly without the help of Alchemy.  Though this was only a minor nuisance, she was still able to otherwise progress through life fairly well. 

At the age of 15 years, she became a fairly known Alchemist in Procella, and a good fraction of the Lunar District.  With this, she grew to eventually make the funds to travel; going on vacation at least once a year to different spots around the world.  One of those visits was to PonyVille, Equestria; where she grew to adore the culture and community within the rather medium-small town.  After a few years of visiting the town, she decided at the age of 21 years to move to the town to enjoy what she endured on a more regular basis.  It only took a half year to build the funds up, and she moved over with fair glee.  She made sure to promise to visit Procella annually, so her family and old friends would never forget her.  Life was progressing for her, and she needed to follow the gale to succession.

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Hello, everyone.  I am chisoka.  I used to watch MLP.. but I don't anymore.  I like the fandom, though.  I've been a pegasister since 2011.  Regards!