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Opening up sign-ups for the brief Wonderbolts Air Show for the Summer Sun Celebration.  Myself and Autumn Breeze have signed up.  Looking for three more.  Practice sessions will be at 6pm CST tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and 2pm CDT on Thursday two hours before the start of the event.  All practice sessions will begin in Ponydale Park on the Amareicas server. 
I would like to sign up for the Wonderbolts.  My main character is Blue Cloud, and I have a few ideas I'd like to contribute.  However, I will not be able to make it to the practice.  I would like to have another practice session later in the day so that I could contribute my ideas and assist with the routine.  I can PM you my Discord ID to make communication much easier.  
I love all these videos and pics.  Glad to see there's LoE fanart beginning to appear.  I hope there's a lot of fanart of LoE out there within the next couple of years.
 I used to make videos during the OSW's, but haven't gotten around to doing any OAR ones yet.  One day, I will.  It all depends on when I find the time to do some while juggling around IRL things. 
Can't wait for the servers to open.  About two and a and half hours of waiting to go..
Blue sits down in a chair and relaxes for a bit.   
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2017 May 24, 01:33:16

The crowds cheer for the match they have, and to both teams who put up a good match.

Eques is gracious in defeat and speaks out from her side of the court. She looks to Blue Cloud.Unfortunately we are defeated. You did quite well for us. It is a good game.

She lifts a forehoof up to Blue for a high hoof.

"Thanks,"  Blue says as he high-hooves Eques.  "Want to sit with me for the rest of the tournament?"
Blue hits the ball.  [blockquote]Rolled 1d100 : 48, total 48[/blockquote]
Blue hits the ball over the net.  [blockquote]Rolled 1d100 : 52, total 52[/blockquote]
Blue takes the ball and hits it over the net.  [blockquote]Rolled 1d100 : 28, total 28[/blockquote]
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2017 Apr 03, 15:59:01

At the park...

Enjoying the outdoors, huh. I, too, enjoy the outdoors. I have been across national parks to admire the beauty. I certainly love traveling. How about you? Do you travel around?

"Sometimes I do travel, usually once or twice a year."
It's been a while since I last posted.   I'm ready to re-enter Blue into the RP. 
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2017 Mar 31, 18:57:07

The brown mare sees the blue pegasus smiling, showing his enthusiasm. She smiles as well, seeing his smile could be a way to showing his good gesture to her. She looks around and while doing so, she takes a foreleg and brushes her hair back behind her shoulders, seeing her straight/wavy mane dangle around a bit. She comes back with another response.

Do you enjoy seeing the ponies or are you also waiting for somepony?

"I'm not waiting for anypony.  I usually come here to enjoy the outdoors and relax."
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2017 Mar 23, 15:34:03

In the park...

A rather large brown earth mare walks around the park, seeing a tradition of love celebrated with ponies coupling together in entertainment or romance. It brings joy to the mare as the ponies are happy enjoying love. Though there are some lonesome ponies she sees, somehow some of them seem to still enjoy the occasion, even if they had no partner. Perhaps just celebrating the holiday is happy enough. She continues to trot by the park, enjoying the natural grounds of green grass and leafy trees, which interestingly were trimmed to shape like hearts. After a time she decides to go to a bench area to sit so she can relax her hooves. She sits across a bench next to a blue pgasus stallion who seems to also be relaxing at the park. She decides to speak out to him.

A beautiful day in the park. Do you agree?

Blue looks at the brown mare and he is momentarily stunned by her beauty, but he soon finds the ability to speak.  "Yes, yes it is," he replies, giving the beautiful, brown mare a smile.
Blue manages to intercept the ball and hit it back over the net.  [blockquote]Rolled 1d100 : 6, total 6[/blockquote]
Blue hits the ball.  [blockquote]Rolled 1d100 : 93, total 93[/blockquote]
Blue sits on a bench in Ponyville Park, noticing all the couples wandering about their daily activities.  So far, he's noticed few that are either alone or traveling in groups of three or more.  He's starting to think that there's a good chance he won't be able to find a special somepony for Hearts and Hooves Day this year.  While he got to hang out with quite a few ponies over the past couple of years for Hearts and Hooves Day, he wasn't able to find a special somepony.   He sits on the bench for quite a while, managing to get his mind off the holiday for a while. 
"Thanks, Eques," Blue replies, smiling at her. 
Blue gets ready to hit the ball, and after a moment does so.  [blockquote]Rolled 1d100 : 93, total 93[/blockquote]
I wouldn't mind rewinding the RP. 
Blue hits the ball and it goes back over the net.

[blockquote]Rolled 1d100 : 3, total 3[/blockquote]