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I can't wait! Great work everybody in the development team. I love you all! You are so dedicated giving so much for nothing in return. I'd love to give something for all your work but sadly lawyers exist solely to ruin everything good.
The ability for pegasi and earth ponies to noclip through walls was removed, but Unicorns still can do it. I think everyone should equally be able to noclip, or nobody can. It is extremely hard to make the teleport spell foolproof though, so I totally get it.

The bottom of cloudopolis has a layer which teleports you if you fall down through it, (but strangely not if you fly up through it, what's up with that?) that I think could be used slightly behind all the walls in the game to teleport people back to the spawn if they manage to teleport through the first wall. It would probably increase the file size of all the maps a lot.
News Archive / Re: 24-Hour Streaming Event!
2015 Nov 13, 16:20:08
I can't wait! I love seeing how the game works. I can't wait for the next open server weekend too.
I can't wait! LoE open server weekend is the best day of my year. I downloaded the mod to play on private servers, but it's just not the same when there are 0 players in the world. The best thing about this game is the people who play it.