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Until the next month, well i will literaly became crazy  ovO soo until those days i will be wathing, watching all, like NASA, nah just kidding, but yeah, it will be exhausting when that weeken finally comes. :3
Im already on board of that Hype train, let´s... wait, when is the OWS, is on this days? o.O

Ohhh man i'm soo confused, now what i'm going to do, i feel that i coult screem, but arg, OMC my head is getting soo confused ovO
Right now, yeah im with the Hype, soo long since the last OWS in the one i play, this is awesome, i can't wait until those days :3
Well i think i will just wait until tomorrow to download the client for 32bit, now that i see it's not working, don't even let me get into the game, say something like its not compatible, i will just wait
Getting the client right now, im soo excited  :3
Soon, we just have to wait a little bit longer
I just hope that the client be ready soon, maybe in a few hours, i gues it's being ready in 3 or 4 hours, i hope, well im still excited for my next OWS
Season 5 is here ponys, now im exited by twice, this and the OWS it's like  :3
Me too, i can't waith  :3
I'm curious about the new features o.O but i know it's going to be awesome ^-^
OMG OMG OMG, another OWS, i can't wait to that weekend, im soo, soo, soo...
...I can't even explain it with words, this feeling it's from other world  :3 aww i can't wait, hope to see you all there, have fun, enjoy and thank you all you people, this comunity is the best and thank you all LoE team, you people are awesome, all of you are the best people and friends that a pony can have  ^-^
I can't wait to play either, this will be my second time to play, as i say before, i love you LoE team, you are the best, and i love you all ponys, you are a great comunity, i love you ALL  <3 ^-^
Well that's weird i don't have any problem with the first link maybe its because my anti-virus is no-active anti-virus i have the YAC(Yet Another Cleaner) anti-virus and i use Opera and no Google chrome or firefox, maybe it's for that
Yay, im soo happy  :3 ^-^
Where is the client  DD:
Where is the client?  DD:
Yes where, where?
Im just waiting for the Team put the download and checking the timer  :3

Im so exited that i can´t hold my self  ovO
Soo, do we have to download again the game or with the last OWS client we can play, just asking
So going back to the last thing, so we have to download a new client, my question is if you are gona put a new client or a new launcher to doenload the game? Just asking  X3

There is no words to express how i feel now i'm so happy  :3

Thank you LoE team and all you ponys  :D