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This'll be amazing, hopefully 4th times a charm with getting every inch of screen shots i can of the game XD , either way this'll be amazing (as always) and i hope those DDosd peoples won't be as mean this time :/
Probably gonna play (and maybe finish) a round of civ 5 while i wait :/ somebody yell or punch me in A heart of mine..... :P
Quote from: Minor-T5 on 2015 Jan 22, 21:35:39
This thread/topic is going crazy right now.
when does it ever go un crazy....  :s
Quote from: goodponyplayer on 2015 Jan 22, 21:30:18
:3Oh hello doctor, hows the adventures :P ?
Going good, you know.... taking companions around the universe and showing/fighting daleks and all  ;) ...... stuff of the sort while waiting for the DL
Did somepony call a doctor  ovO ?
Wasn't too recently but saw fury (the M4 Sherman with Brad Pitt) and its was pretty.... interesting  :o
dunno, anything XD , maybe soem thing like "hows the weather" :P but for real i dunno
Anyone wanna start talking bout some stuffs while we wait "patiently"  DD: for the ever waiting moment of the download? it'd make it go by faster  :D ............ ovO