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Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2014 Dec 14, 19:51:52
The servers were open for a short while today! I was in them!
Thanks to the development team for opening the servers, even if it was only for a few hours! It was fun to reconnect with my LoE friends and run around a bit.
You guys might want to check out all the pics I took this weekend! A lot of them had ponies from this herd in it. Check it out!
August 8th and 9th:
August 10th:

It was fun! I look forward to the next weekend!
It was fun. I met with the herd I joined at the end of last OSW, played hide-and-seek, beat up dragons in the Heartlands with Kenpachi Ramasama, took way too many screenshots, beat up dragons in Ponydale on Courbette, and was part of a large server-wide group picture.

Can't wait to do this again.
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2014 Aug 10, 08:27:15
Quote from: Codefreak5 on 2014 Jun 18, 17:11:20
My tumblr got a follower, and I made an art for that.

If I could draw, I'd do that, because my YouTube channel actually got a subscriber! 1!
I immediately thought of your pic, and yelled "I'VE BEEN NOTICED!!!"

That's awesome! And I guess I can be proud of having an art of mine instantly come to your mind when that happened!
There must have been more problems than they anticipated.
I'll give them another half-hour.
Quote from: alexandas on 2014 Aug 07, 23:41:07
Um, it's 20 minutes, guys.
Most of us are talking about the download, which is about 7 minutes away right now.
Oh. My. Awesome.
10 minutes left until the download!
Quote from: Bro1997 on 2014 Aug 07, 22:29:30
Well, that's ridiculous. How can I download the game when I'm sleeping at 3 AM in the morning. I won't be able to download it until 9 that morning!!! This is so confusing to me.  ono
I'm patient but I just want to know if I can download the game after servers are on. Or is it too late by then?
You can download the game after the servers start.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2014 Aug 07, 21:09:42
How many of you are on Friday right now? As of right now, all of our friends from Iceland to the east time zone (Which ends before Hawaii) are now on Friday.
I'm on LoE's time: Two hours, fourty-eight minutes before Friday and the OSW.
Last time, I had two two-liter bottles of caffeinated soda and a couple pizzas to keep be awake and fed.

Not this time, though, unless I can run out and pick up some things before the weekend starts...
I would have loved to go. But, I didn't have the money or time for a 4,000 mile round trip for just one weekend.

Ironically, I'm flying into Baltimore in about 36 hours or so - yes, a week late to the con. And in doing so, I'm missing out on another pony con held on the 8th through the 10th in the city I'm flying out of.

At least I'll get to attend the OSW.
Quote from: Chesharq on 2014 Aug 05, 18:44:48my laptop better be able to handle it otherwise I will be forced to go out and buy another with better performance!
and don't think I won't do it :/

Look out! He has a wallet and knows how to use it!

I can't wait to get back in the game! Gonna meet new friends, re-meet old friends, keep the Evershade safe, keep Ponydale safe, take a bunch of pictures...
It's going to be the best 71 hours and 58 minutes ever. And right after I fly back home, too.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2014 Jul 31, 00:24:57
August 8th is coming very near, and I'm excited to meet y'all again. I would like to inform to all of you, where will our meeting place be?
I want all of us to meet together on day one. I was thinking in front of the Everfree Forest portal in Ponyville. If not, we can take a vote on it.
I have no objections. I'll be ready and waiting as soon as the weekend starts.
Banned for combo breaking.

Unbanned because that avatar.
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Quote from: Codefreak5 on 2014 Jul 27, 14:48:43
Quote from: S_Realm on 2014 Jul 27, 10:55:51
When are we gonna get to be fillies?

If I remember correctly, we already could last weekend.

No, fillies haven't been implemented in the game yet. There's no way you could have played as a filly/colt during the last open server weekend. :o

Guess I was mistaken then. Must have mixed up ponies who set their sizes to the minimum with actual filly/colt character choices.
Oops.  >.<
Quote from: S_Realm on 2014 Jul 27, 10:55:51
When are we gonna get to be fillies?

If I remember correctly, we already could last weekend.
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