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"You do have a point there, I have yet heard or seen any signs of the third one.
Though there is another problem to this. These two are only just reflections of all of Creation's mind.
In other words they're powered by others' thoughts. So that lead us to this question.
Who's the source of this?"

Suddenly the sound of screeching filled the room before the Id rushed right out phasing pass the walls.
"That's not a good sign. Shouldn't we stop it?"
"Sadly this place isn't exactly a straight path and with the new additions there's more room for it to hide.
I'll let my subordinates keep an eye out for it."
"Well to start with, we could probably start calling them by their true names.
So here we have the Id"
Ethereal gestured to what used to be Yama, who seems to be growing larger and more feral.
"And this one would be the Superego." Now gesturing to the little wisp on the couch.
"Trying to keep this simple, the Id is basically the mind's primal impulses. Your wants, your needs, your desires, and what not.
As for the Superego, not to be confuse with the self-esteem one, is pretty much like your conscience.
Using social standards to figure out what is acceptable to behave in reality.
So now that you know what they represent, any pony want to tell me why this is a problem?"

She asked in a similar manner of how a teacher would ask her students.
"Ah yes, things aren't quite looking well for that one either."
Ethereal went over behind the couch to picked up something and set it down onto the couch.
Sitting there was a tiny little wisp, flicking in and out of existence.
"Now the hard part of this is probably explaining 'what' exactly they are.
I'll have to admit, I didn't really exactly created these two. At least not at a conscious level.
So at first I just thought they were like any of my other subordinates, but as I found out, they're not.
They're actually materialization of thoughts."

"Wait I'm confuse, what exactly does that mean?"
"Think of it like a mirror, except instead of reflecting looks, they're reflecting thoughts.
And not just any thoughts, these two are quite specific."
"Best if you see it yourself."
The two Gods have now transported back into the dream realm.
There Lithe was up against one side of the room, who noticed their return.
"Ok I know you said it won't harm me, but lady that is not exactly something I want to be alone with!"
The 'that' that she was referring to on the other side of the room was what used to be of the alicorn.
It was unstable, barely even keeping its pony form. Parts of the body seems to shift back and forth between solid to liquid to vapor.
Failing at words, the thing seems to be reverting back to making sounds.
"I'm sure by now you have a couple of conclusions on what it really is and I've been trying to track down the cause.
Sadly nothing has shown any positives as of yet."

Ethereal said looking over the the big screen, which seems to be quickly scrolling through many names.
Exiting out the portal, the dream goddess went under her usual protocol of staying hidden.
To be unseen and unheard by any, but...
"Gathering. We need to talk."
"So anyway, you said children in your metaphor. So who actually cause the mess?"
"Come, I'll go show you. They're physical harmless, but I won't make any promises on mentally."
Ethereal created a portal, to which Lithe said.
"Oh joy, I knew one day you were going to kill me."
With a laugh she entered the portal, but before Ethereal could join her, a messenger appeared and seems to be saying something.
"Seems we left in time too."
Staring off in a direction she just shook her head sadly and headed into the portal.

[glow=red,2,300]"Hmm well hello, welcome back."[/glow]
Laying on the couch was Yama with a smug face on her, though there was one thing that was different about her.
"You got bigger." Ethereal said with a hint of disdain. Yes, it has seem the alicorn had grew twice in size since she was last seen.
"Is something wrong with that?"
"It's not her herself that's the problem, it's more of what she represents.
Also this would be the two that broke the camel's back that you're looking for."

"So why are they still here? Shouldn't they be punish?"
[glow=red,2,300]"Hah! Oh please, punishing us would be like punishing a thought. Pointless."[/glow]
"So why are they under your care? I'm sure there are others that could care for them."
"Sadly that's not much of a choice. I may not have created them, but they're under my realm. Though pretty loosely."
((Truthfully anyone could of used my mortals, but no one really bothers. So hopefully more would use yours Rundo.))

Ethereal had been showing Lithe around Zeth, showing off all the many creations that everypony made.
"Got to admit this is a pretty nice thing you got going here. Though one thing that bothers me is where the hay everypony at?"
"Well most tend to stay in their realm, or hanging around somewhere out there in this universe. Give me a sec, I'll go do a check."
With a tap of her hoof, one of her messenger appeared and started to relay her the locations of every Gods/Goddesses.
"Let see... Realm, realm.... Can't go there... Realm.... When was the last time they even appeared?"
Ethereal mumbled as she check each one. Seems that a couple of new Gods had join and a few are no longer with them.
Then she hesitated a bit as she went over on one name.
"What's wrong?"
"It's nothing."
"Come on now, you know better than this. I've been with you far too long."
Ethereal sighed. "Well apparently I got on the wrong hoof of somepony."
"Pfft, you? Are you serious? You're like the most neutral pony I've ever meet."
"Ugh I know, but it's like when a parent looks away and their kids made a huge mess so it's the parent's fault.
I mean I did plan to apologize, but then that reset happen and I got caught in the moment and forgot.
You know me."

"Oh poor Ethereal, you're getting old~ Lithe chuckled.
"Then that must mean you're like super old~" Ethereal joked back.
Ooh a bindle~
I hope everyone remember to pick their traveling buddies.
Lithe patted her belly as she finish eating her meal. "Aw man I'm stuff."
"Sometimes I wonder how you can eat so much, yet gain so little weight."
"Cause I'm special."
"Yep, you're special all right" Ethereal said sarcastically.
"Shut up." Lithe batted her hoof as the two laughs.

"So what would you like to do now?"
"Not sure. This place is nice and all, but it's more for like elderly ponies retiring here."
Ethereal looked around as she said "Hmm, I guess. We could check on the other herd, but they're nocturnal."
"Sounds perfect for us. Of course we'll need to pass the time now. Are there any other mortals or Gods around here?"
"Well there's like two other mortals that are visiting, if you want to see them.
Oh there's also a Neutral Tower that a God created, we could visit that too."

"What's that?"
"Beats me, it's just a place for everypony to around as far as I know."

Found this little sticker on the train today.
After what had happen moments before, the village was still intact and none of the civilians look like any harm had come on them. One had walked away from the herd and greeted the two newcomers. Of course at the mention on 'mother' the teal mare let out a muffled laugh, to which the Goddess just rolled her eyes in response.

"I take it you're all right now?"
"Yeah, it was just a few illness. Nothing we couldn't handle." He glanced over at the unfamiliar mare, wondering if he should ask about her or not.
Understanding Dev's questioning looks, Ethereal answered his unasked question. "This is my friend Lithe. She's visiting for awhile."
"It's a pleasure to meet you." He gave a short bow towards her.
"Same here. So tell me, what's there to do around here?"
"Mostly depends what you prefer. It's basically a normal village here." She shrugged.
"Huh I see, so then can we eat? I'm starving~"
"Lady we just ate a few moments ago."
I know, but I'm still hungry~" Lithe playfully whined.
((Funny, since I already have that little doggy goddess as my subordinate. :] If any remember all my subordinates.))

Ethereal exited out the portal and was back in to Creation, where she could feel slight tingle as all her goddess power return to her. Following her was a teal earth mare, who was looking around at the new world before her.

"So this is Creation, not too bad. Not much to look at though."
"Yeah, you have to go certain places to see things. You know, just like the Equestria."

Suddenly one of Ethereal's messenger landed on her head and started reporting what had happen while she was away.
Ethereal just sighed before smiling at the other pony.

"Looks like you owe me 10 bits."
"You serious? Dang that was fast?"
"What did you expect? She was trying to destroy everything, it was only a matter of time."
"I know, but still. You think no pony was silly enough to actually do anything bad when they clearly know the Princesses are watching."
"Shame, common sense isn't common anymore."
"So true."
"Anyway, I need to check on the village I told you before. Thank goodness I thought ahead and plan them with healing magic."

Opening a portal in front of them, the two enter and just as quickly exit out right at the village.
Ethereal had been back in Canterlot catching up with her friends and family, unaware of the events going on back in Creation.
... Boy was she in for a big surprise when she returns.

While in the monitoring room, Yama had taken Ethereal's spot on the couch and was laughing her flank off at the scenes before her.
[glow=red,2,300]"Oh my gosh! I'm crying, I am actually crying."[/glow] she said as she fan herself to try and calm down a bit.
[glow=lightblue,2,300]"Hmm, she's not going to like this when she returns."[/glow] Renee said, poking her head over the couch.
[glow=red,2,300]"Nah it's fine, once the Princesses finish dealing with this everything will be fine and dandy.
Aww man, but that was fun to watch. I think I might've busted a gut."[/glow] Yama said, after calming down a bit from her giggle fit.
Came in for usual daily checking, suddenly confronted with many new pages of havoc and chaos :I
[glow=red,2,300]"So are you going to show the fresh meats the ropes of this place?"[/glow]
"There's more than enough Gods there to 'show them the ropes.' Though even if there wasn't I doubt I could help them. I work best in the background."
Yama just rolled her eyes as she scoffed. [glow=red,2,300]"And your thoughts on them?."[/glow]
"We had imagination before, so I guess he's going to replace him. As for plague... I guess it's ironic.
The Princesses wanted us to make a paradise. That would entitle a world with no sadness, no pain, and no hunger."

Silence envelops the room before Yama made a exasperated sigh.
[glow=red,2,300]"Just go visit already, I really can't stand the sight of you right now."[/glow]
"And leave you two here doing the Princesses' know what?"
[glow=red,2,300]"Don't worry, we'll behave and even if we don't the other Gods will try to stop us. Heck I'm surprise they haven't actually done it by now."[/glow]
Ethereal stared down at the alicorn, who just smiled back in return.
After a good minute or two passed by, Ethereal had disappear from the couch she had been laying on.
Yama had been pacing around the room, while Ethereal was quietly reading a book.
[glow=red,2,300]"Ugh, when is this lock down going to be over?"[/glow] The alicorn said with a annoyed look.
"When pigs fly, space-time continuum break, dimension cross, and the world burns." Ethereal said calmly, never looking up from her book.
[glow=red,2,300]"Aww come on! I want to have front row seats when that happen!"[/glow] The alicorn pouted as she laid her head at the edge of the couch.
[glow=red,2,300]"And why is she here?"[/glow] She pointedly look at the direction of a alicorn foal that was also in the room.
"Honestly I would like to keep you both here and out of trouble, but it's not like I can really stop you from leaving." Turning a page as she said that.
[glow=red,2,300]"True, but you're going to get the blame in the end for everything we do."[/glow]
"None too surprising. Though you may run your mouth, you haven't really committed any crimes. Unlike a certain somepony."
The two glance over at the foal who just shied away. The two smiled amusingly though not out of malice.
[glow=red,2,300]"Heh, can't really blame the kid considering what she's suppose to represent."[/glow]
Present~ I'll be keeping my realm and I'll try to be more active.
Though even when I'm not posting I'll always be checking on it.
Seems I'm going to have a meteor shower tonight, hope I get to see a shooting star.
Original Characters / Re: OC Interviews #1
2013 Aug 10, 14:47:40
A stranger in a black coat which covers his face, moves to a table and invites you to sit there too. A cup of tea waits for you there, as well as some cookies.
And after a short introduction, he starts asking.

Please tell me about yourself.

My name is Ethereal Nebula and I'm a traveling fortune teller. That's about it.
Any more information than that is needless unless you're looking to befriend me.

What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me is probably traveling to my next destination, and when I'm not doing that its telling fortunes to other ponies.
Of course I always like to end the day with a little star gazing before heading to bed.

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?

If I'm in town I'll visit my relatives and friends, but if I'm not it's up to my friend Lithe what we'll do on our day off.
She travels along with me so we're always together.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

Most likely nothing will change beside being older.
It may be a simple life, but it's something I'm quite content with.

Do you have a special somepony in your life right now?

Yes she said as she plays with the locket around her neck.
After all, I consider many ponies pretty special to me.
"I see, well I should return to my travels now. Its been good talking to you. Till we meet again." With a farewell, Shanti continued on with her journey. Taking out a parchment and pencil from her pack, she scribbled some more notes down.