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Quote from: Blue Shield on 2014 Aug 08, 00:38:36

WHERE is the 32 bit version?????  >A<

iirc there was a bug in the 32 bit version last time that would repeatedly crash the game if you entered SCC. You'd either have to delete that pony or load your character in the 64 bit version to get back out.
News Archive / Re: One Week Away!
2014 Apr 18, 01:41:02
so I tried entering Sugar-cube Corner (or whatever it's called now) and the game crashed  :0. I tried logging back in, and the game immediately crashes when trying to resume playing  >:O. Who do I send these error reports to?
News Archive / Re: One Week Away!
2014 Apr 18, 00:24:17
Just to be sure: we log in with the forum username and not the attached e-mail, correct?
News Archive / Re: One Week Away!
2014 Apr 18, 00:11:55
My guess is that they're using the wrong DST setting (or just forgot  :o). (Almost) worst-case is that it'll be up in an hour.
I only wish I could have joined in  :c. I hope next time significantly more bandwidth is available so I (and everyone else) can connect to fully enjoy the game.