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Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] Mint Kingdom
2017 Aug 24, 12:53:37
Might... actually be smart. No better time for a Herd Reboot than the LoE Release! :D
I kinda just LOVE the Ace Attorney series. I have the Trilogy, the Layton Crossover, Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice on my 3DS.

I'm also kind of a big fan of Drawn To Life. The world is so cute, yet the story is so dark. It works well in my opinion.

And when I was a kid, I used to play the heck out of the Nicktoons Games (Unite, Volcano Island, Attack of the Toybots, Globs of Doom). I kinda wanna play them again, but I sold them and the PS2 to play'em on!  ono
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] Mint Kingdom
2017 Aug 24, 02:35:59
So, who's excited to be back and soon unleash this herd onto Equestria!?
For me it'll sadly be the first Open Server Weekend I can't attend (since i found this game, that is. Of course I probably missed a few before I was aware of it :P) So you guys have fun, I'll just sit in an internetless place and do... something... I guess...
From what I've seen over the last few Open Server Events, the game (or "Update", however you want to call it) is usually available about a day before the servers open, or what I've actually seen more often lately, a few minutes before or even after the servers are supposed to be open :/
*Ahem* Be that as it may, at that time you should find it in the "Downloads" section of the website for the duration of the entire event time.
And giving you a link to a previous game state (even if it was possible) would be pretty pointless since that version wouldn't work for the upcoming OSW.

Also, Hype.
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] Mint Kingdom
2015 Jun 16, 14:51:31
Same here. Just quietly waiting for the next OSW :]
Wow. I definitely didn't see this coming, to be honest. I didn't expect another OSW until at least July... It seems they are becoming more frequent... not that I would complain :D Is that a good sign? :3

I'm totally excited to dash off into LoE again alrea...
*Remembers that he and his family move sometime in April*
Uh oh. That might become a problem internetwise... Ah well, guess there's not much else to do than to hope for the best :s
Quote from: LostSanity on 2015 Jan 25, 14:38:54

Replace "Waitlist" with anything else that wasn't there before...

"Do not come up with some "Pets" idea and implement it when it wasn't there before"

"Do not come up with some "Crystal Kingdom" idea and implement it if it wasn't there before"

Get it? So stop complaining everypony. Sure, it really sucks that this OSW is turning out like this, but hey, the previous ones were great, weren't they? And I am sure the LoE team learned something from this as well. I am sure at the next OSW (at the latest) it will all be fine again ^-^
Quote from: Griffinpeps on 2015 Jan 24, 04:05:15
The forum is back, but the servers for the game are still down? I can't get in the game :I

Same here. But I think if the forum is back up, the servers should follow soon as well ^^
Yay, another Open Server Weekend! :D I am always so excited when the LoE servers are about to open! What can I say, I just love playing this game X3 I am already ready to dash into adventure once again! And I am especially excited to see how much better the new servers will do... :s
*somepony whispers something into my ear*
What? Three more weeks to go? Ah, haystacks... :c
Christoph took a look around the shop as well. He was amazed by the wide variety of available weapons: bludgeons, guns, laser swords... In the end the pegasus decided to take a set consisting of a sword and a whip along with something to hold these two so he could carry them around. Additionally, he also took a Daring-Do-like adventurer hat with him which increased his damage resistance by 5%. As he wanted to go pay for the items, he also noticed Maple yelling at the merchant.
"And I can get a weapon of some sort, so I will join in as well!" Christoph agreed in excitement.
Christoph immediately closes his eyes and says: "I got it!" He uses his other senses to know where exactly the cockatrice is standing and gives it a few punches, lowering its health to 50%, which Christoph of course doesn't know because his eyes are closed. But he knows that the cockatrice is still alive. 'Aw man, I really need to get some kind of weapon soon...' the pegasus thinks 'After this, I should try to find a weapons shop.'
"Exploring the town would sound interesting!" Christoph said "If you go out there exploring, I would love to join if you like!"
Christoph was a little surprised by Peacekeeper joining the conversation until he realized: "Whoops... Did I wake you up? Heh, sorry..." the black pegasus smiled awkwardly "But I guess you're right. A big dragon may be a little too hard for us right now... Though I WILL fight one when I leveled up enough UHM I am just still excited from what happened yesterday: Defeating a manticore, escaping a siren of some sort... I feel like this group could do anything!"
"Oh boy, a dragon you say?" Christoph asked "..... I wonder if we could beat it!" he got excited, not realizing that the appearance of a dragon was just an assumption of Lynx and not a fact yet.
"That sounds like a good idea." Christoph whispered in response, suddenly laying next to Lynx "Still, I am glad someone is up finally! How are you doing? Did I scare you?"

Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Super Meter: 0%
As Christoph suddenly met Peacemaker, he said: "Thank Celestia! Hi Peacemaker, you don't believe how glad I am you found me, because, you know, I really AM lost. Can't find the exit. I hope you know the way, so I'll just follow you along." Christoph decided to stay very close to Peacemaker until they would be out of here, so he wouldn't get lost again...
Christoph in the meanwhile found himself lost somewhere in the deep forest. "Um, Lynx? Maple? Anypony?" He looked around "Great, I got lost! How did that even happen? I followed this path here all the time! Meh, I better follow the path back out then, before I am really, hopelessly lost..." The pegasus turned around to follow the path back into the direction he came from, but the path didn't end at the forest entrance, but a big stone wall instead. "What? How... okay, I can't have taken the wrong path, I mean, there is only one! Something is wrong about this forest..." Suddenly, Christoph smiled. "Heh, but I can trick it! I can fly to get an overview! Take that, forest!" So Christoph flew up in the air, but just before he reached the treetops, he smacked into something. "Wha- Huh?" Christoph didn't see anything, so he reached out to where he just smacked in and felt something invisible. "Oh come on! An invisible wall? Here? Who made this game!? Guess I'll have to get out the old school way then..." Christoph went back down to the ground and started going into a random direction...
'A stamina potion?' Christoph wondered 'Where did he get that from?' But considering his low stamina, he decided not to question this now and just drunk it. Christoph's stamina refilled itself to 100%. 'Wow, that stuff was strong! But no time for thinking about that, I must follow Lynx!' And with that Christoph ran after Lynx, towards the forest.