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Applied. *crosses hooves*
A dragon walked into the bakery one day and said "I'd like to have the roasted pony please"
The last time I used Norton was in the windows 98 days and it had rooted itself so far into the OS, uninstalling it completely destroyed bootup. Almost like derooting a cactus lol. Then again every AV has quirks I guess.
Patcher design looks good. Thanks for NOT choosing dotnet framework to build it. This means easy cross platform porting. I just ran it under wine on linux and it worked until it started patching than hung. That might just be a wine issue so disregard it unless windows users mention it too. Looking good so far though.
I had a lot of fun this round. Thanks for all of that. I hope the next open beta focuses on connectivity issues though.
Characters I used were:
Pumpernickel Swirl (One of my OCs)
Trixie Lulamoon
Roseluck (on the final night)

It was especially fun to RP as Trixie.
Thanks for the awesome weekened!
And there goes the other server.
How can trixie dance like this? :o
I'm glad that was a horn. Even though it's still bad that it broke off. o.o
I overwrote the managed folder on my linux client and now character select doesn't show up, so I deleted the game and re-unpacked the unpatched game files.
I guess nobody else is having this issue... I may not even be able to play then...

Quote from: Royal Engineer Pony on 2014 Aug 08, 00:52:43
I use Linux. (though not by choice...) The files are executable, but I'm not sure how to go about executing them; either one I click just prompts me to make a selection and I'm getting kind of upset here...

It depends on which desktop environment you use, or you can open the folder in a terminal window and type ./LoELinux.x86_64

It's doing this for me. I don't even know what to make of it... :/

Quote from: Sawk on 2014 Aug 08, 00:27:08
I feel pretty bad for whoever lives in the US. You're awake waiting for the LoE servers to open in the middle of night, whereas I'm waiting for them to open in the middle of the day. xP

Well I'm nocturnal and with the lunar republic so I'm ok with it. :)
It's 12:15 in EST I live in Florida
I'm passing the time sandboxing in garrysmod with the pony content off the workshop, shooting my hooves with rockets to switch avies. lol
Which reminds me I wonder if we're getting a new game download or if we're using the one from before. I still have it on my hard drive. Every so often I open it up to stare at the title screen with that purple colt reading a scroll lol.
I imagine that first few hours being hard to get on anyway. Everypony wants to play, and the servers aren't exactly beefy. lol
News Archive / Re: One Week Away!
2014 Apr 18, 00:19:27
And here I thought I would be the only one staring at the clock this late at night waiting for the game to open.  lol