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I'm, unfortunately, of the opinion that Aurora cannot contribute more without a) proof that you are from the future or b) their objectives align.

It's also possible she just follows you around on her own perogative, but you'll have to do something, first.

"Calm down, sir." Aurora said, holding one hoof in front of her. "I want to believe you. I truely do. I want to believe that our future is peaceful and that other ponies will get along, but have you not seen the state of affairs so far? The races simply cannot tolerate each other and have shut themselves off from each other. If we didn't absolutely need the services the others provided, it could go as far a war. I was chased out of Cloudsdale simply because I had intelligence comparable to that of a Unicorn. Tell me how our races will get along despite how much they despise one another."
Aurora's eyes begin to wander as she continues to listen to Peacemaker. There is no sign of change in her expression. After a moment, she turns away.

"There's no need to keep such a secret. Nopony would believe such a farfetched tale, especially from me. I can hardly believe it myself without some sort of proof that you came from a time that has yet to be. From the little you've told me so far, you've managed to contradict yourself."

Aurora began to pace as she began explaining her logic, "If you do not wish to interfere with the supposed timeline, you should not have come to the past in the first place, nor should you even be interacting with me. I'd say you've already greatly tampered with fate, if you truely are not of this era."
Once again, Aurora stood silently as she felt Peacemakers emotions during his reply. It was difficult to gauge how she was taking the news, or whether she believed this story or not, since she was wearing that same stoic frown.

"... The future? Your emotion are... complex, but they make sense to me now. You really believe that, but perhaps you have evidence to validate such a claim. Time travel is every scholar's dream, but it should be conceptually impossible."

Aurora stood silently as she listened to Peacemakers reasoning. Her eyes fell to the floor as she looked for the words to say, hesitating several times in the process.

"I should introduce myself before we continue. My name is Aurora Sky, and I'm a scholar from Cloudsdale. My special talent is my ability to read and inturpret the emotions emitted by those around me. And... um... when you... er, lie to me, it's painfully obvious to me. Of course, if you must hide the truth, I won't press you for it. That's what your emotions are telling me."
((I'll try to get us back on track))

Aurora Sky shook her head and approached Peacemaker, "It doesn't look like those Unicorns will be a problem anymore. I'm guessing they are going back to Canterlot to report this to Princess Platinum. It was very lucky for both of us that you are a Unicorn and... but... that bothers me at the same time."

Aurora paused for a moment as she took a glance at Peacekeeper and the other ponies following him. She appeared to be torn by what she saw, causing her to close her eyes softly and contemplate how she should put what she wanted to say. "Those other ponies... they aren't... I mean, I'm not... you're all different. How come you don't seem bothered? Who are all of you?"
I'd really like to disregard that whole discussion about "fausticorn" and Discord. Those two have nothing to do with the storyline despite being the topic of about 12 posts.

"Ehehe, you see? I couldn't be consorting with the Earth Ponies." Aurora shyly added into the converstation. "I definately couldn't be consorting with Unicorns to ambush you, right?"

Van Guard sneered subtely at Aurora's comment before one of his escorts came up from behind him and started whispering to him. "Psst, boss. What do you want us to do? Shouldn't we like arrest them or something before they cause trouble?"

Van Guard growled fiercely and used his magic to yank his subordinates ears to his mouth. "You idiot, a true tactician gets the facts before he acts. Too much could go wrong! Too much! Do we even know that this is all of them? What would happen to us if Princess Platinum found out we arrested a Unicorn from another village while on Earth Pony soil? Straight to the moon! We don't have the time to search every nook and crany for possible witnesses. We only have one option..."

Van Guard glared back at Peacemaker. "You're officially getting in the way of Canterlot business, but since we lack jurisdiction here, we'll have to let it slide this time. But don't think we won't issue a warning to your village that you've been seen wandering around Earth Pony territory. You also better hope you never cross my path in Canterlot... Men! We're moving out!"
Upon seeing the Unicorns step out and hearing their explanations, Van Guard appeared to be utterly shocked and dismayed. In fact, judging by the steamed look on his face, it seemed like he didn't even listen to anything they were saying, too surprised by the fact they were Unicorns.

"What?! What are-- who are you?! You can't be from Canterlot, but you're not supposed to be here either way! This isn't a playground for civilians! If the Earth Ponies knew you were here, they would probably think you were us and we'd never hear the end of it!"
I'm going to wait until this issue is resolved or until I recieve instructions on whether to disregard Misty Fly's latest post.
Aurora shifted around uncomfortably as she quickly tried to figure out how to reply. "I'm not consorting with the Earth Ponies! They wouldn't even listen to me."

Van Guard's expression didn't lighten up at all as he continued to suspect her. "Uh huh. I definately heard something, though. There isn't any way a pony with your unique vision could miss it, which brings me to the conclusion that you're hiding something. I don't like it when ponies hide things from me, so why don't we just cut the games?"

"I'm not playing any games!" Aurora replied, "There... there are ponies hiding over there, but I can sense that they have no intention of ambushing you. There's an overwhelming amount of confusion and uncertainty. I think they want to stay out of your way."

"Really...? We'll see about that." Van Guard beckoned a few guards to him and approached the foliage at a safe distance before calling out, "If you're out there, you better surrender yourselves to me this instant! I have permission to use force if deemed neccesary. If surrendering does not suit your tastes, feel free to turn your tail and run, it matters not to me. I will not, however, have anypony dwelling outside of my line of sight deliberately. Depending on your reaction, I may even show mercy."
I'm assuming you're refering to the band of Unicorns in the RP being escorted around by either Princess Platinum or Clover the Clever. If that's the case, I don't think that would be a good idea, since the Unicorns are only engaged in a minor operation. Having either of those two present outside of Canterlot personally engaged in petty theft doesn't make much sense to me. It's far more likely Princess Platinum would delegate the task to her soldiers. And it is far too risky for the leader of a race to expose themselves in the territory of another race without due cause.

If you were refering to the band of Unicorns doing this stealing mission on orders of Princess Platinum or Clover the Clever, they are already doing that and it has been stated in the RP.

And I'm also wondering if anypony actually plans to reveal themsevles, or did you want me to continue assuming that you have yet to appear.
The lead Unicorn twitches an ear at the sound of a suppressed noise of some sort and his eyes slowly drift to one side. Without further warning, his eyes become fierce and he turns his head towards the rest of his group. "Men, set up a perimeter, prepare a warding spell. We might have company."

The Unicorns saluted and began creating a circle of magic around them as well as using their own bodies to act as a blockade between the lead Unicorn and the outside.

Meanwhile, Aurora Sky was shaking her head, dismayed about how quickly the situation was deteriorating. Before she could even realize it, she was seized by a very powerful telekentic spell from the lead Unicorn. This spell was also able to force her off of her cloud and bring her down to the ground in front of him. She was completely unable to voluntarily move while under this spell's effects, although she was able to utter out her distress. "C-captain Van Guard! What are you doing?"

Van Guard glared at her harshly. "Did you really think you could fool Canterlot's highest ranking tactician? You've been stalling us near this conveniently placed line of foliage and you suspect us of stealing. It's so clear now that you've been consorting with those filthy Earth Ponies and have set us up for an ambush. Dispicable!"

Aurora's eyes drifted away because of what the Pegasus told her. Even if it wasn't so obvious already, Aurora could sense his intentions and she clearly wasn't happy about it. It bothered her so much, she felt the need to voice her opinions. "I can sense it. You're going to steal the food, aren't you? The rumors were true."

"*ahem* That's Canterlot's business and none of your concern, little Pegasus." The lead unicorn replied. He followed that statement with a meaningful pause and a smug grin. "But, of course it can be your business if you take Princess Platinum up on her offer; that's still on the table, just so you know. Continue your research under Canterlot's banner, instead of with those mindless barbarians in Cloudsdale who threw you out for being too smart! You clearly have a gift if our Princess would take interest in a pony of an inferior race."
((I've been given permission to RP as the Unicorns))

As the Unicorns approached the bushes, the lead Unicorn suddenly became alarmed. He held out a hoof sideways, directing the ones behind him to stop. He twitched his ears a few times and peered at his surroundings. He could definitely tell something was off. The other guards also began looking and listening in for something out of place.

Eventually, one of them noticed something out of place and tapped the lead pony on the shoulder and pointed at the inconsistency. The lead Unicorn looked up and immediately saw the problem: the low flying cloud.

"Aurora Sky! Only one Pegasus rides a cloud that low to the ground! Hiding as usual, I see!"

Upon hearing her name called out, Aurora poked her head out of her cloud. "Ah... um... I thought you were an Earth Pony patrol," she nervously replied, "because... you know... you're in Earth Pony territory."

"Pff! Watch your place, Pegasus! Those dirt throwing Earth Ponies are late with their current food shipment, so we have order from Princess Platinum herself to go collect the food ourselves through any means necessary. If you know what's good for you, you'll just stay in your little cloud, float off, and pretend you didn't see anything. Kapeesh?"
Lucidity stopped short when she saw Eleanor walk inside the shack with the vines on it. You couldn't get anymore suspicious than that. What exactly was in that shack and why did that pony go in there like she were looking for it? Lucidity wanted to follow her, but she felt it to be foolish, since she didn't know the pony who went inside, the building itself, and even anything about this city. As pessimistic as ever, she couldn't dismiss the possibility that this was a trap to stop her meddling.

But obviously she wasn't just going to let this suspicious pony get away. No siree. She wasn't going to let a beat up looking shack get in her way of discovering the truths she had been put in charge of finding out. With a small snarl, she marched right up to that door and raised both her hooves, as to slam the door open. However, she hesitated and reconsidered her position in this. Perhaps just a polite knock was more in order here, so Lucidity simply knocked a few times.

"H-hey! Open up! What are you doing in here?!"
I was also confused about the fact that they were Unicorns, considering how Arurora mentioned the territory belonging to the Earth Ponies, but I could make it work if I were given permission to power play that group of Unicorns.
I'd do something if my character wasn't currently hiding. It seems unlikely that she would do anything else in this situation, especially for a group of strangers. I'd love to contribute more, but I would need something to happen other than the guards getting closer. I do believe the ball is in Misty's hoofs, since I'm guessing Peacekeeper is trying to get everypony to hide in those bushes.
No sooner did she warn them did a small patrol group come into vision. Aurora could easily sense their emotional output, and they didn't seem like they were ready to entertain much. Not wanting to be found, she simply hid inside her cloud.
Mostly waiting for Peace Keeper. Unless I'm missing something, it's his job as the GM to make the RP go. I'm just hoping he just simply hasn't gotten the time to get on.