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Introductions Archive / Hi, I'm new!
2017 Oct 07, 19:57:00
Hi, I'm new here, but my friends call me Dani
Joined cos I seem to be getting more and more pony-crazy and I feel like my friends are kind of over it?
So I'm hoping to make a few new pony friends here ovo

I have been known to write, I stillactively RP but I can get picky about the style of RP..
I draw and, though sometimes I don't feel like I'm very good, my friends tell me I'm imagining things lol

I'm 22, Plus Size, Scorpio, INTP-T, and my interests besides MLP range from various anime and western cartoons to live action shows and movies. I have a wide taste in music as well, and I like watching old vines and looking through tumblr for things that make me laugh!
Hope that wasn't too much to take in!  :D
(OH AND MY FAV PONIES ARE Pinkie Pie, Luna, Celestia, Cadence, Starlight, Rarity - all the gorgeous babs!)