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True  :D  If we're not including things other than MLP, I only have one. A griffon named Ace that's a friend of Silverbeat's. Silver in LoE wears a flower in her mane, but it's actually supposed to be a feather. One of Ace's.

The pony below me has an OC for something other than MLP.
Hi! I'm Silverbeat. Nice to meet you :) And I'm pretty sure I'm a person. Or am I a pony? Or maybe a changeling? ....You will never know the truth  :o
I only found out about the game last month, so I had pretty good timing  :D  Anyway, it's good to meet you. I hope to see you around sometime  ^-^
Introductions Archive / Re: ¬°Hello!
2017 Oct 25, 11:23:13
Hi! I'm Silverbeat. Nice to meet you  :)
I love the community here. Everypony's so friendly and helpful  ^-^  Anyway, it's good to meet you. I hope to see you around sometime!
Looks like you guys had fun! Wish I could have been there, but I had some irl stuff to deal with unfortunately. Awesome screenshots though!  ^-^
Introductions Archive / Re: Hi !
2017 Oct 25, 10:43:12
Hi!  ^-^ I'm Silverbeat. It's nice to meet you. I hope to see you around sometime  :D
"It must be awesome, being able to travel and see the world. I bet there's so much out there to discover" Silverbeat said, looking around at the tavern again. "I mean, I've been to Canterlot and Manehatten before, but that's about it. I guess I haven't really seen all that much.
She stopped to eat more of her pancake, and then realised just what the human had said. "Wait...what?" she turned to look at the human. "Your world has ponies, too?"
Introductions Archive / Re: WoOP DeE dOo
2017 Oct 19, 10:32:53
Hi! I'm Silverbeat. It's nice to meet you ^-^
I love drawing too, but I'm not the best at it  X3  It's fun though. Anyway, good to meet you. I hope to see you around sometime :)
Hi! Yeah, as Night Striker said, your forum account is used for the game too. It's nice to meet you, by the way. I'm Silverbeat  ^-^
Introductions Archive / Re: Oh- oh- hi!
2017 Oct 18, 22:07:44
Hi! I'm Silverbeat. It's good to meet you :)
I've almost been playing for a month, too. It's an awesome game. I hope to see you around sometime  ^-^
Introductions Archive / Re: Introduction
2017 Oct 18, 22:01:35
Hi! I'm Silverbeat. It's nice to meet you  ^-^
Hope to see you around sometime.
Never thought about it before. But now that you've said it...I kinda want to see that, too  lol
Quote from: Ferro_the_King on 2017 Oct 16, 09:48:02You have to be Earth pony, because sprint+jump is the key. Oh, and I made it to the Ponydale library top platform (About 8 jumps, i forgot to count. Some of them quite difficult) just today :D

Others I can do in Ponydale are:
The School (Easy, 2 jumps)
The Hospital (Somewhat easy, 2 jumps)
The bathtub on a big tree (Moderate, about 5-6 jumps)
Windmill (Easy, 3 jumps)
The Theathre (Moderate, Wasn't counting)
Bowling Club (Easy, 1 jump)
The train station (Moderate, 2 jumps)
The big solo tree behind SCC (I have no idea, I was just foaling around :D )
And some other unidentified buildings lol

Wow, that is seriously impressive. Might give some of those a try with my earth pony character  ^-^
So, so true.
Let's see...I've got Silverbeat & Busta Rhyme as my two top ones. And then Hopeful Horizons, Pawprints, Lucky Star, Techno Jam, Misty Twister, Cheetah Dash, Summer Breeze, Rocky Roads, Diamond Sky and Mint Condition. I think that's at least two  X3

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Introductions Archive / Re: Hello
2017 Oct 17, 10:19:00
Hi! I'm Silverbeat. It's nice to meet you ^-^
I arrived in the fandom pretty late, myself. Once I saw the first episode of Friendship is Magic though, I was hooked  :D And the community is awesome. I hope you love it here.
Anyway, it was good to meet you! Hope to see you around sometime :)
Quote from: Ferro_the_King on 2017 Oct 16, 08:29:43Well, the hardest one I was able to figure out is actually first floor of Ponydale's city hall. It's about 10 jumps, some of them quite hard :D

Remind me to try that when I go to Ponydale  ^-^  Doesn't sound easy though. I can almost make it to the top with teleporting, but I've never tried with just jumping before.
"Do not mess with my pony!" I don't know why, but I just love that line  lol
That's an awful lot of ponies. I kinda want that whole box  X3
Quote from: DarkDawn on 2017 Oct 15, 06:43:52Hmm. You dont have any lags while playing? You know, everything is delayed etc. :D If not then it's normal i think xD

It doesn't lag any more than normal. Just occasionally. I do get disconnected a fair bit though, but I'm pretty sure that happens to everypony  :P
Quote from: DeceptiveCadance on 2017 Oct 15, 19:14:10Edit: Oh, you guys had it anyway. Nice. How'd snuggle pile mode go?

It was fun, but I prefer normal mode ^^; That's just because I'm not good at seeking though. I can never find anypony  X3   Also, there were a few ponies in attendance that seemed to be struggling with the concept of "only one hider". It's a little harder to explain. That said, it's still fun trying to find the hider, even if I never succeed. And I did like having everypony gather around the Crystal Heart while the hider was hiding  ^-^

Quote from: Ferro_the_King on 2017 Oct 15, 21:23:37I also don't like the Crystal Empire map- It's all flat (That means almost no chance to jump on a structure), there are only few places where you can be hidden well (Unless you want to hide in a tent) and the map is quite hard to navigate, while running and looking for hidden ponies. (Because buildings and streets looks almost the same. This also makes giving hints almost impossible...)
Though that's my personal feeling, somepony might actually like it ;)

And the funnies part was, when I got accused of flying to an inacessible location (twice), while playing as an Earth pony lol

I like the Crystal Empire. I didn't get a chance to hide there, but I saw a few potential spots I was thinking of trying out next time. It's a lot of space to seek in though  lol
And I still don't know how some ponies can get to certain places without flying/teleporting. The most I can reach is some of the rooftops in Ponydale. Must be fun playing as an earth pony. That's proof that it was just skill, and not cheating  :D
True ^-^

The pony below me is likely going to play hide and seek in LoE next week.