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8)  <3  ;)
Greetings to those who get to know me. Normally I periodically attend the game, and mostly just watch others partake in their quests and such.

Knock Out - Yes, from the Transformers Community. I do write MLP/TF stories, they are not published yet, as i am not done.
Shattered Nostalgia - DeviantArt accnt.
For now. Will be added to in later dates.

23 a child with a drinking permit most likely, lmao

-5 EST


What brought you to the Game:
Saw it start its launch when it was announced on Equestria Amino I'm Asexual and Knockout on there. It's all one word, or you can just search up either name. It works.

'Outside' Contact Information:

Skype: Live:Orchimodo
Discord: ShatteredNostalgia#7576

If there is anything else you would like to know about me, please, just ask or PM. I don't bite! I use BBCCode a lot in posts i make. I am not ashamed of it.

<3 :nod: <3