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Reminds me more of that disease in which a person gets bark-like skin and horn-shaped branches, due to a specific rare cancer that requires constant surgery. Though I imagine it's one way for a pony to become immortal so long as the everfree doesn't burn or they get chopped down. Then again, the minotaurs were slicing down a bunch of trees in that small comic arc, so it's hard to say if they were affected by the pollen as well.

And of course, we see even more dangerous insects. Why they stay in the Everfree and not swarm unto Ponyville rooftops to make massive hives is anyone's guess.
Hello, name's Super Hurricane but most folks call me SH. I'm just a regular roleplayer who's mostly into Fallout Equestria stuff, though I am a sharp reviewer of sorts when voicing my opinion of certain episodes. I come mostly from the Senki Academy area, though I also wander around the Them's Fighting Herds forum (hopefully the full game will be out by March next year). Pleased to meet you all.
I play Adventure Quest Worlds on occasion, and I plan to play the Terrain of Magical Expertise MMO free demo when I pay for the kickstarter and download it on Saturday.
Resolved Issues / Possible Shutdown glitch
2017 Sep 14, 20:36:41
Not sure if anyone else had the issue, but I was having my character tour Cantermore for a few minutes after logging in up and down streets when suddenly not only the game crashed, but it caused my laptop to shut down without me turning it off. I mean, I restarted and everything seemed okay, but the game was off, thus I wasn't sure if I should keep playing. Is there a way to rectify the issue given it happened yesterday awhile looking around the cloud city? Because sudden emergency shutdowns should damage my data as well as anything I'm working on the side. Come to think of it, is there a Restore Down option to adjust the screen size of the game?