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Hehe, I did think it was kinda cool that Summerween fell on my birthday. :)  I just had other plans already scheduled, so I couldn't stay home and spend time on LoE.  But yeah, hopefully I can keep a bit of time freed up next year ;)
I unfortunately couldn't attend because the festivities just so happened to fall on my birthday this year, but I'm glad it turned out well.  I like the idea of another spooky celebration, since I do quite enjoy the Halloween season.  If you decide to do this again next year hopefully I'll be able to stop by haha
Congrats to the winners!  :D
Can't say I'm surprised mine didn't make the cut; it seemed sub-par compared to all the other entries.   X3  Seriously, some of the other submissions looked really creative and professional!
Well, I managed to put something together.  Would've liked to have made this look nicer but... Here's what I got X3 :

I feel like I botched the front/back views a little bit, but the side views look pretty close to what I had in mind.  Nothing fancy, just a simple, kinda messy mane and tail style.  I kept it a solid color for simplicity's sake, but should you guys at LoE decide to make something of my submission feel free to incorporate more colors. 
Quote from: BludSpammd on 2016 Sep 09, 18:32:39
Submissions are okay until the date hits 11th.

Thank you for clarifying that for me; I'm dead tired from today so you saying that I have a little extra time is music to my ears.  ^-^
Stupid question, but are submissions still accepted through tomorrow (Sept 10th)?  I just found out about this little contest and would like to submit a proper entry, but I have to go to work shortly and may not be able to get something prepared before it technically becomes the 10th.  Hopefully I can put something together after work/before the deadline...
Had a really great time once again; anxiously awaiting the next time I can revisit LoE and journey once more with all the awesome ponies I met.  <3

Keep up the hard work Dev Team!
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 11, 16:13:14
Awesome news!  Can't wait to revisit the game!  :D
This Event got off to a rough start and I suffered from more connection problems than I did during the last event in August, but I had a fun time nonetheless!  Can't wait to see what new things the next OSW brings!
Quote from: MelodicArtist on 2016 Jan 16, 10:40:01
Sorry, I was just so hyped, but let down because of how crappy the servers are. it wasn't this bad when I played back in august  ono

I feel ya, the August open server was my first time playing LoE and I had a blast!  Got stuck in a glitch, but that was the only major issue I ran into and the mods got me out pretty quick.
I know these technical difficulties are frustrating, but just bear with the developers here.  They've put so much into this game, so I'm certain they're trying their best to get things up and running for us. :D
I keep getting stuck on the Cantermore loading screen (I'm playing as a unicorn).  I even managed go to Ponydale and got stuck when trying to come back to Cantermore haha!
But hey, things happen.  Game making isn't easy, and you gotta remember this game just reached alpha!  Just give the developers some time to try and get things running smoothly.  I'm sure they're doing all they can to get LoE up and running.   :)
Looking forward to the weekend!  Can't wait to see all the new stuff you guys have been working on!
I've been itching to play this again since the last OSW!  Can't wait for the 16th! :D
Quote from: Lightning Spark on 2015 Nov 13, 11:56:58
You know twitch has a feature that you can watch the livestream over again after its done for a while right?

I suspected a recording would go up on Twitch, but I have no experience with Twitch so I wasn't sure.  Thanks for filling me in, Lightning Spark and GreenTab!
Any chance you guys will post a recording of the livestream or snippets of it somewhere?  I'm quite interested to see some of what goes on behind the scenes (especially because I would like to toy with Unity if I ever upgrade to a better computer), but I don't think I'll have much time to stop by the livestream, if any.  :c
Glad to hear you guys are moving right along with production!  The game was looking pretty solid in the last Open Server (which was my first delve into your game btw), so I'm sure the finished product will be phenomenal!  I'm anxiously awaiting the next time I get to visit Equestria, but don't rush yourselves; take as much time as you need in order to make the best game you can!   ^-^

Best of luck with everything!
That could potentially work.  I personally feel the violin (well, orchestral strings in general) has a lovely sound when played well, so I'd be all for a piece featuring a violin (or other strings).  But based on what I've heard in game thus far, I'm certain that if the musicians need to create background music for a mountain setting, they will not disappoint!  <3
Agreed, that song has some beautiful piano work.  Serenity, the song that plays in Cloudopolis at night, is probably my favorite tune out of them all.  It's so peaceful...  <3
The whole soundtrack was pretty sweet though (as if that wasn't apparent enough by my starting this thread haha!). I get chills of nostalgia just listening to this game's music.  Kinda funny how I have such nostalgic feelings for a game I spent a mere weekend playing.  Guess I just got really into it.  :P 
Ya know, I did glance at the wiki in my search for the soundtrack, yet failed to notice those links on the "Locations" pages... Derp haha  :P But thank you for pointing that out to me!  Now I have the whole soundtrack in one place on YouTube!   ^-^
I do still hope to see a downloadable/purchasable soundtrack released by LoE's Dev Team once the game is complete (not all of the composers have their contributions to LoE's soundtrack available; a problem that spurred me to post my original inquiry), but that's just nit-picking at this point.  Lol!  I'm just happy to have found all the music I heard in the game (and then some!) in one place!  Thanks again Cyan Spark for letting me know! 
Welcome!  I'm anxiously awaiting the next Open Server, myself, so maybe we'll run into each other in-game one day!