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Sweet Celestia! It's finally happened! *tear**sniffle*  lol Uh- I mean- You thought I was crying? Bass Cannon herself crying? Ha! *ahem*  ovO  As I was saying, that's an academy record! Good work, everypony! Can't wait to see all of you at the next OSW! If it is 4 months from August (like the nice ponies told me), then it'll be an awesome Christmas present!

Peace, love, and wubs,
-Bass Cannon  <3
This was my first OSW and I miss LoE already! I loved playing with all you lovely *cough crazy cough* ponies.  :P ovO I especially loved all the ~Message Filtered~ jokes (some of which I made up 0:)) at the SCC dance/closing party. Can't wait until the next one!

Peace, Love, and Wubs,
-Bass Cannon <3
This was my first OSW and it. Was. AWESOME! We broke a lot of "academy records" with those parties and hit 500+ ponies! I met a lot of super nice (and crazy  ovO) ponies and I'm super sad it's almost over.  D: But I'm glad I spent all my time partying with all you crazy ponies lol

Being a pegasus, I tried to land on rooftops and usually fell right through them.  X3

Some minor dialogue glitches, like when I tried to talk to Flan the last two responses turned into blue boxes that I couldn't click. >:O

Just a question, would it be possible to customize clothing items like socks or goggles? 0:)
Awesome! I'm super excited because this will be my first Open Server weekend!    :D