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As everyone may have noticed, the few times i write around here mostly are because i get overhyped... or because i've discovered something about LoE or MLP.
This time, indeed, I am overhyped! after reading a little leak buried in the Toy Fair presentation.

So... now it's official, in May we'll have the first episode of My little pony on air. But i am not sure about the day or hour..  so... i couldn't help myself and made a countdown to 1 May.

Now is time to get hyped!
So sad i can't go (i live in canary islands, so i'm just too far away) anyway, i hope everypony in the bronycon enjoy it, i'll expect photos :D
Hello every pony.

Some spoilers could be inside here, so i'll quote it (maybe someponies haven't seen season 5 and there are some things about season 6)

Spoiler: show
 I don't think 6th season would end, they're just changing the direction. They have turned bad apples into good apples (Diamond Tiara, Discord, Starlight Glimmer) The CMC finally got their cutie marks (and, even if it's a show, even if they're not real, even if im a grown up man, i've cried a lot with this episode and got a proud feeling about them) The "Map" have new undiscovered abilities (Such connecting all of equestria via space/time) the crystal baby (if you know what i mean) and more importantly, new type of ponies, the Bat Ponies living on the mountains ( also, Twilight is still the only princess without guards on the castle, We need to know about applejack parents, we still don't know anything about Scootaloo past and we still are waiting to see her fly, we haven't seen chrysalis kingdom (remember she didn't died as, for example, king sombra) and also, an episode "meeting" starswirl the bearded (maybe twillight travel past to get an important spell from him lost in time) i think MLP have tons of things to show, tons of things to offer and tons of people following/loving it. it's a good business for hasbro, and the pony sellings haven't been so good in decades. not just "Girls" buy them, grown up people buys them, the "BronyCon: The Documentary" proyect got in donations near half a million of dollars. that never hapend in history with... anything, no tv show had that repercussion. people loving it, hating it, whatever it be, people speaks about it, go into YouTube and you will see a pony face avatar on every video.

Also, as ever, i'm sorry, not native english and i could make some mistakes. my apologies.

(i'm back)
guys, how long will stay the osw this time? i have some important exams these days, will it be only weekend?
Un-banned for taking seriously your studies (and my respects to it  ;)) see u in the OSW btw  X3
Quote from: Lullo84 on 2015 Feb 20, 17:34:00
I would like to join you as a "beta tester" of the game . plese *.* I like so much my little pony show (and the "fluffle mix" you tube channel X°D), and finding this mmorpg was amazing! :D ovO lol :P

legends of equestria is basically a closed alpha in a very early state, it means, we are all "alpha" testers when they open it... in other words, there are no "beta testers" when they are working on it, because there isn't a server online to test it.

But you are more than welcome to stay with us in the forum and wait for the next OSW.  ^-^

Update: there's a new osw online :D

It's probably near here, just go north from nowhere and cross the biglands of nothing, and turn left when you find a volcanic rock of type IV, then you'll reach somewhere, ponydale is just there...

Now.. seriously.. what's with that off-topic and no-sense question?  ovO
 If ("-35")
      ALERT ("Colts are the rulers here")
   End if

(i couldn't miss the oportunity to touch this game inside a game  O:)
-29 he's probably doing it on purpose :P and i have to say i like it  :3
-27  :3

Eeyup! sadly i have to go to work xD i hope to see it under zero when back :P
-7   O: true...  DD: D:

let's see if it last a bit on our side  ovO
-3  lol