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Introductions / Re: Hey people!
2020 Feb 13, 17:32:22
Quote from: Jade_Cygnus on 2020 Feb 13, 13:47:18I joined the fandom a month ago. I was searching for unofficial MMORPGs to play, and I found a vídeo about LoE. I ignored it at first because I wasn't really a brony at the time, but while searching, I asked myself a question: Why did MLP become so popular in 2011-2013? How did a show about rainbow colored ponies gather so much attention? And people are still talking about the show?" Curiosity got the best out of me so I decided to watch a few episodes of the show. And then I became a brony lol

Also, I have a little question: How do I replace my profile pic in the forums? I've been searching for the option and I haven't found it yet :(
(Oh yeah also sorry for my bad English lol)

Also I played LoE for a bit and I'm really liking it   :]  
EDIT: Nevermind I found out how to replace my profile pic :P

Oh interesting, thanks for answering :3

A large amount of people suffering from depression find the show incredibly comforting because of it's cheeriness and innocence, maybe that's what hooked you?

The forum is rather... quiet nowadays unfortunately, it's a shame really, still if you want to talk we can continue here or you can message me, awesome to meet you either way mister or miss Jade :p
Introductions / Re: Hey people!
2020 Feb 12, 17:36:24
Hey there Jade, nice to meet you  :3

Now I'm curious.. when did you join the fandom exactly? What made you decide to join?

You seem pretty cool... I hope you don't mind me trying to learn more  ^-^

I lurk the forums very occasionally... it has a story to tell, that's for sure  >.<
General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 24, 09:56:55
Aww.... the chatbox is not coming back?
At 19 years old, and considered extremely tall in my country for an adult... you would think I'd of stopped growing

Well, it had been months (perhaps years) since I grew... however in the past 3 days, I seem to have grown 2cm more... and I don't think I'm done, I woke up feeling taller than usual, and even my mother commented on it as soon as she saw me "Have you grown taller, (my name)"

Maybe I'm just imagining it? :o
Introductions Archive / Re: Uhm...hi?
2017 Apr 15, 11:15:55
Hello there Max, glad to see you join the community! :3

Just so everyone/everypony knows, Max is a good friend of mine! Please be welcoming and friendly... I don't know why I'm asking, because I know you all will anyway :3

Well anyway..

Welcome to LoE, Max! <3 :3
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Peace Keeper
2017 Mar 18, 20:27:40
Well... RIP the idea of turning this into an actual RP I guess... :P
Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Mar 11, 13:49:51
I love LeviathanTS <3

Aww... that's so sweet! I love you too <3 ovO

(Hehe It's cool that you reactivated this thread, I don't know why it was locked in the first place... but anyway..)
Unbanned because your a pone :P
Quote from: VajošKajoš on 2017 Mar 03, 14:32:44

Wow.. that's quite an old post of mine that you are quoting there, hehe :3
Glad you found it funny though ^-^
True! It might even be my favourite fruit! :3

The pone below wants something more from a friend... or wants more friends
(What I mean by the latter is that somepone actively wants more friends, not just "Sure! who doesn't want more friends?")
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Peace Keeper
2017 Feb 28, 11:11:59
Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Feb 28, 08:58:02
I don't understand why you post this in the RP board ... I mean, why. I don't understand ...!

Because Peace Keeper is a roleplay now...they deserve to be on the RP board..
...Are you really going to deny Peace's right to be a roleplay? ovO
(Hmm interesting... I'll say that they do count :3 )

False *Turns around and walks away...
... Immediately turns around and glomps ScarletInk*
Just kidding! :3

The pone below me is excited for something that is on the approach ^-^
Off-Topic Archive / Peace Keeper
2017 Feb 28, 02:37:10

If only we had Peace Keeper's backstory ovO

(Sorry, I just had to) lol
(I'm glad I'm not the only pone who doesn't know) :3

Chat-O-Landia? Never heard of it :ajshifty:

The pone below me also has a crush with a pone that also has an account here on LoE :P
Yeah, you got that right... and now I'm curious, it's killing me!  DD:

Please tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't know...
The pone below me also does not know who Purple has a crush on :P
It ties in with why asked where I can find a pone actually...
*Levi picks up Thunder Spin, hugs them and spins around while hugging them* :3

That's why your called Thunder Spin :3
... and sorry, I know you don't like hugs... but that was necessary :P

Will the good luck I've had over the last few days continue? ^-^
For the same reason I'm giving this answer :P

Where can I find a pone? :3
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2017 Feb 26, 03:09:29
In many ways, things are going great for me... too many to mention :3
The support of my friends here on the forums has been awesome... I love you all ^-^ <3
Nah, I'm not as cool as RD... and I'm certainly not as cool as the little Havokpone :3

Quote from: SandFire on 2017 Feb 25, 21:41:36
:ajshifty: Nope. Thats false.

Well, you got it wrong, I do find you awesome :3
...Just stop spilling mango juice all over me >.<

The pone below me shall take my blessing and have a great day today :3 <3