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Finally, dying in Evershade forest again! Now also in a tutorial quest!

Quote from: Amore93 on 2015 Apr 11, 02:39:02
I did several times but it's still there :(

Quote from: DeceptiveCadance on 2015 Apr 11, 04:20:37
I'm in the same situation. Not sure what to do.  :c

@Amore93 @DeceptiveCadance  This may help:
Go to: "c:\users\-name-\AppData\LocalLow\" - find folder "LoE" and delete it.
Quote from: Natfoth on 2015 Apr 10, 12:52:44
What issue are you having with the x64 one?

The same that everyone has - game crashes on travel, game crashes after character creation.
Quote from: Griffinpeps on 2015 Apr 10, 12:51:07
Looks like they do.

New builds are up. One for 32 bits windows and one for Mac OSX. Downloading.

Then what about x64 build? It's still broken.
Quote from: Natfoth on 2015 Apr 10, 12:33:56
Uses a newer and updated compiler which was introduced with Unity 5.

Uploading another build for 32 bit WinOS. Will post once the new build is live.

It sounds like devs don't even bother to read this forum.  :I
Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2015 Apr 10, 02:39:05
Ok, I can't get into the game, no matter what I try. :c
I use the 64-bit version, but the game keeps telling me that I need to update it, despite that I have downloaded the client and even used the update function of the Launcher to download it again!
I'm completely helpless and out of ideas.....
What can I do against that?

Edit: The Launcher also says that the game is up-to-date. Can any developer help me with that?
I'm desperated and I start to fear that I can't play at all this weekend. :'(

Try doing this:
Go to C:/Users/-name-/AppData/LocaLow - find folder called LoE and remove/rename it.
Game just keeps crashing after loading screen.
Original Characters / My OC: Frosty Twinkle
2015 Mar 02, 07:35:11
Name: Frosty Twinkle
Race: pegusus
Age: 20
Occupation: Weather Factory, Snowflake-maker
Likes: winter, snow, night sky, having fun
Dislikes: hot weather

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Quote from: Akilas on 2015 Feb 19, 22:01:58
Well that's weird i don't have any problem with the first link maybe its because my anti-virus is no-active anti-virus i have the YAC(Yet Another Cleaner) anti-virus and i use Opera and no Google chrome or firefox, maybe it's for that

It's also works fine with Firefox and Kaspersky Internet Security.
Resolved Issues / Re: Forum time zone
2015 Feb 19, 13:17:11
Oh, now I feel dumb. I didn't noticed that... o.O

Resolved Issues / Forum time zone
2015 Feb 19, 06:41:50
May be I just missed it, but it seems that it's impossible to set your local time zone to this forum.

It is pretty hard to use forum, when your time zone is 10 hours ahead...  :I

So is it possible to specify time zones for this forum, or this feature was removed for some reason?
Woah! I have no words... It's awesome! My life is now 20% brighter!   lol
Quote from: Livi_Lavigne on 2015 Jan 24, 09:13:44
Hello fellow ponies!! I'm having trouble  D: I log in, then it comes up with -

Server Listing
Cutiemarks .. done
Items .. done
Abilities .. done
Skills ... Error!
Recipes .. done
Item Atlas .. done

Is anypony else getting this problem? It's driving me CRAZY!!!  >:O What should I do? I don't want to miss out!!!!  ono

Same problem, but I have errors on everything but Recipes and Item Atlas...
About hours I just get that message:
"Cuitiemarks -- Error! Items -- Error! ...etc"
How do I fix this?