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Quote from: Mizuki on 2015 Jan 27, 04:24:05
I have no idea why nobody else in the forums answered this.

As far as I know there was no way to get out of there, short of just creating a new character. ono

Ah okay, thank you! That's what I ended up doing anyway, I just made sure to avoid it the second time around  ^-^
The Retirement Home / Stuck in Applewood?
2015 Jan 26, 18:49:31
I went to take the train from Cantermore and ended up in Applewood. The portal that is present does not work however so I seem to be trapped there for the time being. Is there any way I can get out of there?
Excellent! That gives me something to look forward to, and this time I'll be ready!  :D
-154 I've successfully glued my eyes open
-152 N-n-n negatory!
-151 Make that -999,849! Nyah!  ovO
-149 nah heh ha!
-146 Onwards and... downwards? No, negawards!
-143 Holy! I haven't been here in a while
Resolved Issues / Re: Chat vanished
2014 Nov 23, 21:17:28
I completely understand why the chat was removed and will be fine no matter what the decision is. While the chat box did have its ups and downs, I enjoyed the interactions between myself and others. I know that the forums can replicate this, but there's just something about instant-messaging that makes the conversations in there feel more... well as if I was actually there myself. I just don't get the same feeling of interactiveness when replying on forums, but then again that's just me. I liked being able to talk to the team members as well and check out their work, as well as all the other content  provided by other users. Although I never talked or contributed much, I found it overall to be a friendly and playful environment most of the time. The chat box was also a wonderful way of making friends. I know that there are many other ways of communicating out there, whether it be other instant-messaging chat boxes, Skype, or otherwise,  but I personally enjoyed this one.  Thank you so much for the amount of work you've all put into this, and if there's one thing I know, it's that I'll be around here still whether the chat goes away for good or not, hopefully still meeting new users.

Tl;dr I'm fine with the chat box being removed, although I'll miss the interactiveness it provided. A big thank you to the whole team for the amount of work and effort that goes into maintaining the site and creating the game.
Resolved Issues / Re: Chat vanished
2014 Nov 23, 19:52:04
Chat is gone for now yes, but we shall return more powerful than the mods can possibly imagine!
Roots breaks his meditation and he quickly stands up, his magic returning within him as he did so. After a few quick stretches he walks over to witness what Blazing Sun was going to do.