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Quote from: AudioWaveDasher on 2017 Oct 25, 20:21:34Hey, I found a new top secret area! But I cant post it because mods will yell at me! Pm to see it!
tsk tsk one of the most foolish things a hider can do, revealing his spots.
someone please record the panel
Quote from: Glyph on 2017 Oct 26, 04:32:40A ban on chatting in Russian letters, also included in the update?)
Why in the world would anyone do that? Not everyone can speak english bro
Quote from: DarkSpectre on 2017 Sep 28, 13:20:29In all honesty, i'm finding that this hasn't really been an "issue" for me. I like my hotbar a certain way, so this means one skill to be dragged instead of all of them.  X3
This. I have a lot of skills untrained because I know I won't use them that often and it isn't worth having to rearrange my hotbar just to get it back to the way it was. It's especially a pain when I'm trying to move a spell between hotbars and it won't scroll despite me hovering over the edge of the bar.
Quote from: ViktorT on 2017 Sep 27, 02:47:021. Unfortunately, launcher downloads for some reason 64-bit version of LoE (I have 32-bit version). On the website in the description for the launcher it is not specified for which version of the game it is intended.
2. Given the number of downloadable files (about 160 files), it's like downloading the whole game again. Does the update affect all files?
iirc it was like 30-50 files being updated
Quote from: ViktorT on 2017 Sep 24, 01:46:20Good day! Because the Internet is unstable and traffic restrictions, the actual question is: is There a way to get the updated files separately? And what is their size? To not download the game again.
Use the launcher.
I see you guys ninja updated the LAR hat, which is now wearable. Can't wait to see the graphic
Resolved Issues / Bug: Klondike's quest
2017 Sep 10, 13:28:50
Klondike in the Gem Mines gave me a quest to retrieve his pickaxe and when I completed the quest it gave me two pickaxes.
Quote from: MidnightLunaRose on 2017 Sep 09, 23:51:1410 minute hype
ayyyyyyyyyy cant wait to get in boys

yall who up late farmin in evershade know how it is
Well, back in the day I actually stopped watching after the season 2 finale. I can't remember why. I think cuz mainly I was like one of the last of my friends who still watched it. But eventually, during late season 3 I got back into it and I've been watching it since.
no changelog?  o.O
awwww yeahhh boi
boutta roll hard on this mug  >:/ >:/ >:/ :nod: :nod: :nod:

:D :D :D

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Forum Name: NotoriousSMALL

Age: 18

Experience: I have been a moderator on a forum for the past two years and helped tuned it from a chaotic mess to a relaxed, close-knit community. I have also been admin on a minecraft server.

Why would you make a good moderator?: With the OSW coming up, there will likely be a need for experienced moderators to keep everything under control. I am disciplined, fair, and a team player. I enjoy helping those in need and setting things straight. I work efficiently, and I have a very flexible schedule. I want to help this game succeed and make sure everyone has as much fun as I do.

Anything else you would like us to know?: I'm open minded and laid back.
going to bronycon = osw soon????