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Big Macintosh seems to be my favorite character since his personality is very quiet like. What I don't get is how his little sister, Apple Bloom thinks that he is very shy when he appears more to have a introverted personality. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I would think that he has characteristics that both shy and introverted people have. As I said, I don't believe it's even possible to be shy and also be introverted since introverts tend to want to be left alone and like to talk as with shy people who are scared that other people won't like them and will make fun of them. As with Fluttershy as she is a prime example of a very shy person. They want to be in with conversations, but are too scared of not fitting in. Introverts also can talk to people with ease, but prefer not to talk because they don't like to. They also need time alone after talking to some people because it gets tiring to them. Shy people don't mind talking as long as they are well liked for who they are and like Fluttershy will talk in a quieter tone of voice. As you see, Big Macintosh I think is introverted and not really someone I'd consider a shy person because of the characteristics he posses.
I've been looking up information about King Sombra, the former unicorn tyrant ruler that ruled over the Crystal Empire since he took over in 1012 A.D (Princess Celestia said that he took over a thousand years ago and I'm looking as if the episode took place in 2012 A.D) and he was banished to the far north later on. In the comics which I do know aren't canon to the show actually has him in a good form that he later turned evil. I believe it was issues #18-20, but I don't remember. I don't own any of the IDW comics so I don't exactly know the plots very well. Even though in this show, Kings and Queens are considered evil and Princes and Princesses are good do you really think that King Sombra (in his good form) is suppose to be the actual ruler of Equestria as the King of Equestria and not the two ruling princesses, Celestia and Luna? I don't know. I don't actually believe he does, but I need more background information or opinions from other members.
So, I found this really cute lunchbox somewhere and it is a MLP Dual Compartment Lunchbox made by Accessory Innovations Inc. It is not in any way the tin lunchboxes that some bronies collect since there are trading cards and other goods in there. It's very soft on the outside and has two compartment for your food. I'm not sure if anypony has this as part of their MLP collection since they don't want to carry around a lunchbox with MLP characters on it, But I just wanted to know. Here's a image to it.

I'm not one who watches the Pokémon anime much, but I do have my share of scenes from the show that I like to watch. Most notably the ones featuring Pikachu from the first season. This is one of my favorites, even though it is funny it's also pretty sad. R.I.P Ketchup Bottle.
By looking at the climate, government, culture, and everything that makes Equestria a unique country more like the United Kingdom (Britain) or the United States (America)?  I say that because there are elements that remind me of both, as if the United States was a monarchy or something. That's what life in Equestria is basically like to me. Like living in 1850s America as if it was a constitutional, elective monarchy. When America was founded in 1776, one of the cabinet members wanted the US to be an elective monarchy (Like have George Washington being the King of the United States). I think it would've been interesting and better if America went that route. After all, monarchies can be good if they are run by the best leader.

I think it's very cruel for ponies in a all pony land like Equestria to be wearing bridles and other equine accessories like saddles. Don't you think?
I would. It would bother me if I lived in Equestria as a pony and I would question Rarity of the fashion of Bridles and Saddles! It just isn't right. Even for a real life horse/pony. They deserve more of a free life then they are treated!!!!
So I was looking at pictures of Stompeez, those slippers that would pop it's eyes/ears when you stomped on them and I stumbled upon this image.

I don't know why, but for some reason it really does remind me of Faust's MLP designs. They use this cartoon pony on packaging for Stompeez in the UK so you wouldn't have seen them on US packaging. Doesn't this look like the same cartoon design that's used on MLP FIM? Because it really does by the design of the head. It could even be a good G5 design! IDK, comment on what you think of this.
I want to know which TV network aimed for children in the United States will get the rights to the BRB Internacional/Spanish Network production Filly Funtasia. It is a upcoming CGI animated television series based on the Filly brand of ponies from the German toy manufacturer Dracco. It is set to premiere in 2015 and the only television network so far that will air Filly Funtasia is TVE's children's channel in Spain. Here's the article for it.
The channel also airs the Spanish version of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. So much for the irony there!  lol
Anyways, I just want to know what television network in our country will get to air Filly Funtasia or if it'll be a sole internet TV series on YouTube or Netflix. I hope that won't happen, but by the facts that Dracco doesn't market Filly in the United States like it's other franchises that's probably what's going to happen. Anyway, just want your honest opinion.
I'm not sure what happened, but after My Little Pony Tales was cancelled on December 25th, 1992 after a few months on the air on Disney Channel there was no more television series based on MLP until October 10th, 2010 when Friendship is Magic was launched on The Hub. There was only animated specials for G3, but still what happened prior to the 2003 release of Charming Birthday on VHS? What happened between 1993 and 2002 that prevented any animated specials from being created? Why didn't G3 get any TV series like it's G1 and G4 counterparts?
There may have been threads before about government in Equestria, but does Celestia punish her own citizens from all reaches of Equestria with harsh punishments like banishment, dungeon time for many moons, execution, or turning ponies into stone? Because she did go as far as banishing her sister to the moon and Fluttershy was scared about being banished or being thrown into a dungeon without a fair trail at least. I don't believe her government is truly fair without a trail and a board of representatives who make the laws and have Celestia approve them. It's one of the things I'd worry about if I were to move to Equestria. Would there be freedom or not?
I know that this doesn't necessarily have to do with the Pokémon games, but with the Pokémon World and how it's government works. If it does have one! I want to know. Is the Pokémon World's regions also countries, democracies with presidents like America, Dictatorships that exists for the benefit of the people like Equestria, Totalitarian Dictatorship that are shaped in forms like Police States and Fascist type governments like North Korea and their Juche government or does the Pokémon World have no need for a true government because of the Officers Jennies around to protect the citizens from harm!
What holiday is Hearth's Warming Eve related to in the real world? By the looks of it, it reminds me of Christmas. Yet, I didn't see any scenes from the episode about Hearth's Warming Eve that showed anypony buying presents or having Christmas elements like a tree or stuff that we do during Christmas time. Just a play showing how the three pony tribes got together and began Equestria as we know it. It sort of also reminds me of Independence Day in the United States since the ponies also celebrate the founding of their country, The United Kingdom of Equestria. Is it a separate holiday and Christmas is celebrated at a different time of year? Or does Christmas work differently in Equestria?
I really do believe ponies shouldn't be segregated to just little girls between 2 and 11 years of age. Are woman even allowed to enjoy ponies or are all adults and anyone over the age of 11 and not a female considered "an outcast or unworthy of society" because they are liking MLP? The social evolution of ponies has gone to the wrong direction and should be more unisex in general. I hope that G5 will be aimed for both boys and girls and that Hasbro would consider making all it's franchises for both boys and girls someday. It isn't right for people to bully over something so innocent. If you know what I mean!
I'm not sure what a closet brony means and how many are that?!
Imagine if there was actually a movie based on the ponies and their adventures instead of Equestria Girls movies. What plot do you think would be dramatic and entertaining? I think they should have a movie where the entire Poniverse is going haywire (including the worlds of G1,G2, G3, and G3.5) and all the main ponies from the four generations team up to defeat a very nasty villain that is even stronger then Tirek was and save Ponyland and Equestria from total annihilation!!! The movie would be released in 2018 in honor of the 35th Anniversary of My Little Pony.
I was thinking. How would MLP FIM's series finale be like. I was thinking about Flash Sentry marrying Twilight Sparkle and Twilight having to say good bye to her five friends. There would be flashbacks with sad music playing showing all the good times that they had together and a very emotional goodbye. How's that for a series finale?! Comment on what you think.
I know this is probably worthless, but was there anypony at the 2014 SkillsUSA PA State Competition held in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the Hershey Lodge during April 2014?
I have missed seeing Button Mash and his little adventures of his life. It's a shame that Hasbro was so tied up with the copyright infringements that it had to be taken off YouTube. I'd wish there was a download link or a way of uploading it on another video site like Dailymotion without getting in trouble from Hasbro. They are already trying to stamp out the Brony Fandom and I'm concerned about it's total existence! :s
Vote on this poll on how you feel.

It features Twilight going through the past 4 years (roughly) of her adventures in Ponyville with her friends. It's actually cool and I like when Celestia drops down and gives her wings and she goes to her castle in the end. I wonder if the video continue once Season 5 is over! :/
Reply on the bottom! ^-^
This maybe the most ridiculous poll I've ever though of doing, but I've been curious. I remember back in 2007 and 2008 how big webkinz were to children and how many would socialize on it like on other virtual worlds. The site's still going, but I have not played the game since 2008. Had no interests in it anymore! lol Just wanted to know if they're were any webkinz fans from that era still playing it. 
This poll is to see what MLP fans/bronies believe how long MLP itself will be around and marketed by Hasbro or any other company. It'll run for exactly one year and I hope people will vote on this. The last poll I put up about how long the Brony fandom itself will be around doesn't have any votes on it! :l Please vote on this one at least and have a good day everypony.  ^-^
The upcoming CGI animated Filly Funtasia is suppose to start in 2015. I have watched all three trailers on YouTube and I believe the third trailer is improved over the first one. Some people have complained about the stories being predictable and the show being girlish, but I don't think I'll be bad. I think it's actually going to be kind of cute and funny. It does look a little dark though with the mirror and Battiwigs which are the main antagonists it seems. I want to see what other bronies feel about this show. Comment down below.  :D
I have been wanting to know for a while how long the brony fandom will be around before the fandom diminishes and all brony conventions stop, along with the removal of brony websites, brony radio stations, etc. Do you think they'll be around for the next 5 to 10 years or longer?

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As of today, August 3rd, 2014 I've deleted the poll because no pony was voting on it.  DD: I don't get some people on this forum sometimes. Is there any reason for this!?
It seems to me that the Brony fandom is one of the most controversial fandoms out there along with the ABDL fandom only because of the whole "Ponies are for Little Girls" thing. Why is that? How come for so many decades have ponies in general been something that has bothered people and have thought is generally considered weird and socially unacceptable by the male gender and by older audiences just because it talks about magic and has bright colors and stuff? To me, it doesn't make much since at all why boys can't like it too! All I know is that since World War II, the color pink was intended to mean girls and blue to mean boys and it just doesn't make any sense at all. I don't get this world of ours sometimes when it comes to politics, religion, fandoms, and etc. Comment on what you think makes all of this happen.
Today is August 1st which is the first day of BronyCon, the world's largest Brony convention or I think it is it. I'll be 17 on the last day of BronyCon which is the 3rd. I feel like I'm really missing out, yet it takes so much money just to go there. Just one ticket costs $50 and to get a room at the hotel is $1,000 just isn't worth it in my opinion. Not to mention that Baltimore is a little far from where I live, at the Mason-Dixon line or the PA-MD border. Why is it so expensive and so far away and what do they do there that makes most bronies want to go there? Also I want to know if any bronies don't have the time or money to go to conventions like these because I feel so left out in this fandom due to becoming a part of it so late!
I was just wondering about how long Friendship is Magic, my favorite cartoon show will last. It's already in it's 5th season and Hasbro has just gave G4 itself five more years in production. I know that there probably have already been polls like this, but I'm just wondering what you think.
I have only been a Brony since January 23rd, 2014 and was until April a closet brony. I've been wanting to become one ever since 2012 and have heard of them briefly as early as 2011. I feel bad because I'm worried that because I am not too involved in creating fan art, fan music, or even fanfiction that I might not even be considered a Brony. I also feel bad about waiting three years after the fandom started about joining. I don't attend any Brony conventions like BronyCon and I'm worried that Season 5 will be the last season of Friendship is Magic. I do enjoy the other generations of MLP, but want more animated shows about MLP. I really would hate for the Brony fandom to end and I don't even plan on quitting my liking for My Little Pony in general. Comment on what you think I should feel about this.
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2014 Jul 29, 16:14:36
I'm Bro1997 and I have only been a brony/MLP fan since January of 2014. My favorite cartoon is My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the only cartoon on the air that I'll watch now. I don't like much cartoons anymore excluding this one, but I am looking forward to Season 5 and also my birthday which is August 3rd. I feel worried because I don't do much fan art or fanfiction and don't talk on forums much. I also am nervous about the brony fandom going away and the show being cancelled as this is the only cartoon I enjoy. I do like other MLP cartoons however and hope that a G5 is developed and is as successful as G4. I also feel that not going to Brony conventions like BronyCon in Baltimore make me less of a brony even though my parents and family know about my love for ponies now.  :s