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When I heard that LoE was going to revamp the xp system and introduce more skills/talents to grind on, I was hyped to get back to playing LoE again and so I headed out to the Evershade, later to be joined with a friend, to grind out my level and talents again. I've fought numerous monsters of varying types and levels in the Evershade with my friend, and after seeing just how much xp I was given after each kill, I don't think I want to even touch LoE's new xp system with a long stick. I know there is a post announcing the "fixes" of the xp system, but from what I've seen, this really doesn't seem so much of a fix but just a way to hinder players from grinding their original levels again.

Like I get re-scaling the xp curve for player levels, I'm totally fine with that, but keeping the feature that awards xp based on the skills that you use instead of by kill and then nerfing the xp given by monsters, on top of a new giant xp wall, really just kills the game for me.

For those who are confused about what I'm talking about; before this update, each monster had their own base xp you could get by attacking them. For example, the level 50 pegasi golems used to have a base xp of around 1000 xp, and then it would change/scale to how often you use a certain type of attack, so if you used more Partying skills than Combat, the xp would get divided between both types of attacks and then get scaled in proportion to how much you used Partying and Combat skills. But there is an apparent flaw in the combat system (or at least I consider it a flaw) where if you happen to kill multiple enemies at the same time, you would only get xp as if you killed one.

However with the "fixes", came the nerfing of xp given by the monsters I fought. I've fought the level 24 timberwolves, the level 28 hornets, the level 32 and 50 lantern, the level 35 and 45 Niad, and the level 48 and 50 Pegasi Golems, so I really tried my best to fight a variety of monsters available in the Evershade, just to see that they all generally gave the same xp. I know I haven't fought all the monsters that were in the Evershade, but when a level 50 monster gives the same xp as a level 24 monster, there's not much hope to see if there is any difference of xp for the monsters I missed. I also know that the dragons give roughly double the amount xp of the other monsters (according to a friend who went dragon hunting with others), but that still seems kind of a disappointment when one of the toughest monster in-game only gives you double the xp of a level 23 Timberwolf.

I've tried to like the new xp system, but all I see, at the end of the day, is an update that highly discourages any sort of leveling through combat, especially solo play.......and this really just kills me on the inside that a game I used to like and grind on came up with a new system that looks like it was only designed to stop players from leveling too fast in every way they can think of. After the OAR, as I was trying to level up in the forest, I used to like figuring out which monster I would grind next for its xp and seeing the progression of my character being able to defeat these monsters who were once too tough because of the level difference and seeing how much xp the next stronger monster gave........but this update really ruined it for me.

Spoiler: show
It also probably doesn't help that I'm super salty that I somehow got screwed when the update came. Instead of being level 23 when I logged in, I ended up being level 18 and when I mentioned it on the LoE Discord server, I was mostly brushed off by everyone on the topic. This screenshot was taken after the level up message said I leveled up to 19.

Video Games / April Fools Update
2018 Apr 02, 01:24:55
In the spirit of April Fools Day, some developers, like with LoE, have fun little updates that may include content or have update logs that tell jokes. And so far, Payday 2's update log has to be my favorite one this year, as it give references to a bunch of memes and is generally funny to anybody who played the game lol

What are your favorite April Fools "updates" that get released around this time of year?
Video Games / Payday 2
2017 Nov 02, 08:08:49
Anypony here play Payday 2?
Pony Off-Topic / Nightmare Night Costumes
2017 Oct 21, 03:35:40
Just for fun since Nightmare Night/Halloween is around the corner, what would your pony (or OCs) wear for Nightmare Night?

For my main pony, I would just wear a bat pony costume :3

Harmonic Dreams would wear an angel costume and Silver Blood would be Frankenpony (Would probably just have stitches drawn in with a marker :3)
Resolved Issues / Discord and Steam Links
2017 Sep 19, 08:39:28
So I saw you could put in your Skype username and other stuff on your profile(Never heard of AOL or ICQ before today lol) so people can contact you outside of the forums, and Skype is there, so why not add space for Discord names and Steam profile links, since I'm sure there are people who prefer to use Discord over Skype or people would want to friend others who have steam accounts.

I mean sure, you can share that stuff through PMs or whatever, but the same can be said about Skype or AOL honestly.

So I hope you take this suggestion into consideration.....even if this does seem a bit pointless :P
Off-Topic Archive / Raid: World War II
2017 Sep 03, 23:04:10
So has anyone here tried playing the beta? And if so, what's your opinion on it?

Personally I don't like it too much, most because of the lock-picking mechanic, but idk maybe it's just me being bad at the game.
Just as the title says, I don't really care too much about it, but it fells weird to see the number barely change at all after posting/replying a few things in topics.
Thread Games / Word Association Game
2017 Aug 30, 02:52:15
I'm surprised nopony else thought of this or made a topic similar to this, this is a fairly common game in other forums.

So the general rule is to reply with a word that relates to the last post in some way. If you can't think of anything, you just type in something else to keep the game going.


Pony 1: Winter
Pony 2: Snow
Pony 3: Mt Everest

I'll start: Summer