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Original Characters / My OC: Scratch Melody
2014 Jun 24, 00:43:20
Hello Everypony!, i'm new in this forum and i wanted to show you my Oc, and here is:

Name: Scratch Melody (Also named Scratchy, Scratch-e)
Sex: Male
Race: Unicorn (In the Picture he is a Pegasus, i will explain that later)

Age: 14
Cutie Mark: A Musical Note (NOT The definitive)
Personality: Like as Pinkie Pie, but much soft, him self prevents to stop being happy, he's very active, but all that only is when he is spending time with his friends, except when he's bored, it is very quiet, sometimes may result annoying, but he's a very good friend.
usually see the good side to everything and joke around, but when it comes to serious matters, stop behaving like that and think about how to fix things.

Likes: Music and Videogames (Knows how to play the piano, mixes music, loves Dubstep, and he's an expert gamer ... ... ... but not pro), to Travel, Adventures.
Oh, and likes to learn by experience.

Dislikes: Bad Music, to be alone, to be bored, Haters, but the thing that he hate most is that other ponies do not respect others tastes, oh, and dislikes to learn by studies.

Story and Habilities: He's a Pony that have adoptive fathers, has great power of magic (not greater than any alicorn, including Twilight) that has achieved for himself and not by birth. he learned to play the piano by the sounds and not for studying the notes, have knowledge of how to Dj, mixes music sometimes, and draws digital pictures, he learned all that by experience,l have the ability of change for appearance and race (For this last, he have the condition of can't use the Magic when he is a Pegasus or a Earth Pony because the Horn disappears for one hour, this transformation can't be cancelled at any moment, so the only way to use magic again is to wait for the end of the spell, the change of appereance can have even days of duration but is hard to keep it, can be cancelled, and, of course, he have the normal spells too)

Much ponies confuses him with a Pegasus pony because he use a long-duration race-change spell, so he almost not use his horn. (But when he do, have much power)

He have a very special ability, when he use the race-change spell trying to change of Unicorn to Unicorn, he can't use magic for 1 hour, that's caused by the ''Magic Condition''
(Can't use magic when the spell is active), so when he is in that state, he haven't a Pony Race (Even not Earth Pony), when that's happening, he enters to a sick state and he can't do anything, but when the spell ends, he use his magic with a temporally stronger effect (200% of Power), if he use the magic, his power will be decreasing until he reach his normal power (100%), but if he tries to do that again using all his accumulated energy, he will get the double that he gives (200% > 400% in one hour), but that is very dangerously to do, because his body is forced to, (Like the Kaioken of Goku) so that is a ability of last resource, he only can resist a 400% of power. (Practice, Practice and Practice)

It's possible that Vinyl Scratch or/and Octavia Melody could be his cousins/sisters.

Not finished

Thanks for read, if something seems wrong feel free to comment about it.
I'm a venezuelan, so i talk Spanish, if something is wrong written i'm Sorry xD