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Introductions Archive / Hello everybody!
2014 Apr 15, 06:19:52
Hello everybody!

I'm Viscera, as one can see on the right, I'm German and in my twenties. Also, I'm a big fan of MLP, which is probably not very surprising.

I attended the last open server weekend (so, I'm actually registered since a while already), but due to a mix of being busy with other things, being unsure what to do and issues with my computer, I haven't done much. I liked what I saw, though.

Aside from ponies, I like animation in general, anime in particular, and video games, especially shooters and RPGs. I was actually rather unsure whether I could like MMOs, since they don't really seem like my kind of game. But I got recently hooked on Final Fantasy XIV, so I'm not so unsure anymore.

I'm generally not the most active person, on top of being pretty shy (not so much on the internet but I still tend to be reserved here), so my presence here might be rather low. Or maybe higher than I expect myself, we'll see. For now, I just want to say hi.