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Original Characters / OC: Olivine Ellva
2014 Jun 02, 01:56:42

Name: Olivine Ellva
Name meaning: Olive tree branch
Age: 22
Race: Pegasus

Mane/Tail: Long and wavy with lots o' red.
Eye Color: Brown
Coat Color: Olivine (yes, it's an actual color)
Color Scheme: I designed her colors to be similar to that of a green olive.
Cutie Mark: A glass perfume bottle with an open pair of white wings that is filled with a light blue concoction.

Personality: She can most often be found engaging herself in her work more so than going out on the town. When she's working she shuts out the rest of the world completely as she tends to the many natural ingredients that go into the fragrances she is creating. And when she is in her working environment she is extra careful that nopony is allowed in the area, for fear of their own safety, as nopony can really tell what kind of reaction an unprepared pony might have when exposed to really strong and experimental odors. When she is in a social engagement, she tends to act in a more formal and minimalistic manner. However, she does try to get on a ponies good side, if only to warm them up for a sale back at her shop. She is not very active in the dating scene.

Cutie Mark Story: I actually do have one... But I'm kinda tired and I'll edit that in later.

Her house/shop: I'll also edit this in later.

Likes: She likes her fruits, she loves tree cake, and she likes to read stories of a more sad and dark nature.

Hates: Ponies that are full of themselves.

Strengths: Her work has helped her develop a keener sense of smell, easily picking up small variations in scent.

Weaknesses: Ponies tend to judge her as one of those more snobbish types of ponies when she actually isn't... Well, maybe she is a little.