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You slowly return to consiousness, eyes opening just to flinch at the light in the ceiling. As you look around you see you are in a small room, reminiscent of an elevator. You have no idea how you got here, save the fact that whatever you were doing last ended with a flash of white smoke that knocked you out. There's also a metal band on your leg, with a coloured number 3 on it. It can't be removed, and your magic/flight isn't working. There's a door, and it's unlocked.
There's also two other people in the room with you.
And so begins the game...

Lunar Sonata

Sparkle Chord
Arctic Opal

Raven Star
Iron Blade

"Azure. Azure, get up."
A light kick cause Azure to rouse. Shaking his head, he waited for his vision to return, before seeing the Changeling Queen standing over him, with an irritated look.
"Huh...? W-Whaa?!" He scrambled to his feet, moving to a bow. "Y-Your Highness!"
Nightshade rolled her eyes, before looking around at the room around her. After rising, Azure did the same.
"Um...where are we...?" He said slowly.
"...I don't know." The queen replied.
Hello. I don't know if anything's happened on this side, but recently I believe my account was hacked/accessed by someone else, because this morning, I turned on to find I had been banned. Hopefully, it seems someone's resolved the issue. So to whoever did sort this out, thank you so, SO much. And I need to say if anything against the rules was posted, please, that WAS NOT ME.

I wasn't sure where to post this, so I put it here.
So I picked up this game instead of Fire Emblem for now, and me and my monster-hunting MLG deity friend Sam are teaming up against the eidolons! I made this for those who want to talk about the game, ask for help, etc.
It was seven o'clock, and the sun was starting to set. A taxi carriage had just pulled up at the entrance to a large forest, a bridge behind a large gate being the only way inside. Above it was a hanging sign that read "Everfree Pines". Strange, since it was more of a basic forest than a pine forest.
A blue pony with green, messy hair jumped off the carriage, carrying a saddle on his side and a pair of headphones on his head.
"Thanks, mate." He called to the "driver", who turned and sped off.
The pony looked at the forest and bridge in front of him, before pulling a note out of his bag.
"Yep, this is the place..." He mumbled, giving the end of the note another read.
"Wait for me at the entrance, Azure. I might be late.
There was a little heart at the end, her signature.
Putting the note away, Azure moved to the large gate, and sat down on the damp grass.
"Wonder if anypony else is coming..." He wondered.
Hello! Me and @Naura have come up with an idea for a horror RP based on a certain game!
You are one of a few ponies that have been invited to spend the week in the Everfree Pines lodge by your friend, Lustre Gleam! You may not know the other guests, but Lustre seemed very confident that everyone attending was going to have an amazing time, and that it was going to be a getaway to remember! However, due to the think canopy, flying out isn't an option, and magic is strangly weakened to minor telekenisis in that part of the forest. There's only one way in or out, and its half a mile from the lodge. But that should be anything to worry about, right?

Now, the rules:
1. Aside from myself and Naura, only one character per person.
2. Use your own OCs only.
3. Try to make the cast as diverse as possible. It'd be boring if everyone was the same!
4. We won't just accept the first 8-9 people. If you want to be a part, you need to reply decently consistently; we can't just let this thing go stagnant.
5. We'll only accept a small number of people. We generally want around eight only, but if not enough join, you'll be able to add a second character.
6. It may be horror, but nothing gruesome!

Here's the sheet, and a personality chart to fill in. Just put 1 to 10 in the traits:
Pic (Optional):

Romantic (no weird stuff!):

Have fun!
(I'll be subbing my character in the morning. Well, my morning. Stupid time zones)
Video Games Archive / Tomodachi Life
2015 May 02, 04:54:04
I haven't seen a thread for this game yet. But for those who have played it, you know how insane this game gets. So I made this thread so everyone can share whatever crazy antics their islanders get up to!
Video Games Archive / Final Fantasy
2015 Mar 26, 08:34:30
Not sure if there's been a topic for this yet, kupo ^-^
So far, of the main series, IX and X are my favourites.
I've managed to make some pictures, though they are just with PonyMaker.
I've seen lists of OCs, so I decided to do this to make RPing easier. Also, sorry the pics lack cutie marks.
UPDATE: Still no marks, but I have added a few more characters, and expanded on some of the previous ones. Also, sadly PonyMaker doesn't seem to work for me anymore, so I might not be able to add any new pictures.
Azure Wave
Spoiler: show
Age: 18
Azure Wave is a young, navy blue unicorn with a messy green mane. When he was 14, he fell ill with a serious disease which pony magic and treatments were not able to cure. However, his family (specifically his mother and brother) were approached by the Changelings and their Queen (Either Chrysalis or Nightshade). Offering a cure, they asked that Azure be sent away with them in exchange for healing him. His family agreed without the knowlage of his father, and Azure has since worked for the Changelings as a servant to the Queen. The opressive atmosphere has made him highly timid, emotional, and a little socially awkward, as well as given him a short fuse. He does however, often want to do the right thing, even if it means taking some shortcuts to reach it. Very nervous around mares. His magic is highly linked with water, as it gets stronger around vast bodies of it, and he can conjour it from nothing. He, his brother Stalwart, and his two best friends Lustre Gleam and Verdant Shock all consider themselves a team.


Stalwart Wave
Spoiler: show
 Age: 20
Stalwart is Azure's brother. Normally keeping to himself, he acts cool and collected, but can be incredibly emotional and agitates easily at times. Maintains the typical "brothers-who-pick-on-each-other-but-don't-really-hate-each-other-most-of-the-time" relationship with Azure, and takes on the role of a guardian for him, Verdant, and Lustre. A member of the Royal Guard, his cutie mark is a brown stone shield.


Vert Wave
Spoiler: show
Age: 49
Azure and Stalwart's father. A passive-agressive, angry stallion. His constant lectures and unneeded interferance constantly annoys his sons, yet in the long run, he only wants what's best for them. A high-ranking member of the Royal Guard, he hates Changelings with a vengeance. An emerald spear is his cutie mark.

Vermillion Wave
Spoiler: show
Age: 51
Azure and Stalwart's mother. Despite her age, she's a tomboy and a kid at heart, but when it comes to fiction, never takes any of it seriously. Easy to find thanks to her enormous mane. Constantly jokes around with Azure and Stalwart. Has an autumn leaf as her mark.


Queen Nightshade
Spoiler: show
Age: ???
Basically, Nightshade is a Changeling queen like Chrysalis, looking very similar save that her mane is a dark sky blue. I made her in case I can't use Chrysalis in roleplays. She can be either incredibly cruel or ignorant of ponies, but is not below working with them when the situation calls for it. Prefers to do things herself instead of relying on the Elite constantly. She knows of Azure's timid nature, and often teases him about it (NOT in any weird way).

Light Hunter
Spoiler: show
Age: 21
A stallion with a red coat and white mane. A self-titled "adventurer", he constantly tries to put himself in the spotlight, mainly just to get the attention of some mare or another. Mark is a shining spotlight.


Lustre Gleam
Spoiler: show
Age: 18
With a pink coat and a wine coloured mane, Lustre is, in most appearances, one of Azure's closest friends. On occasion, she's even his mare-friend. Energetic yet caring, she always tries to help him escape the Changelings, and works with Stalwart and Verdant to do this. May be mute in some stories. Her mark is three wisps of magenta magic.


Verdant Shock
Spoiler: show
Age: 20
Verdant is Azure's absolute best friend, growing up with him since childhood; he, Azure, Lustre and Stalwart are all very close. A rational, calm, and tactical-minded tinkerer, he's quite opposite to Azure. Never one to get angry, he also seems to adapt and sometimes excel at activities and tasks he's never tried before. However, he can be VERY stubborn, and takes EVERYTHING at his own pace, i.e if you say there's something you think he'll like, he'll lose all interest in it. His mark is a spanner surrounded by gold lightning.

Star Strike
Spoiler: show
Age: 22
An astronomer. With a black coat and a violet mane, she's one of the only ponies who knows Azure works for Chrysalis. Likeable enough, but would rather stargaze then go bowling or anything. Hard to shut up once she talks about something she likes. Her mark is two Saturn-like planets.

Fore Cast
Spoiler: show
Age: 34
A no-nonsense, stubborn grump of a stallion. A news reporter, and another who knows of Azure's relation to the Changelings, and constantly tries to reveal it to the public, or otherwise just chastise him for it. However, his bad reputation has led to very few believers. His mark is an 8mm camera.

Knight Blaze
Spoiler: show
Age: 30
A member of the Royal Guard. His yellow coat and fiery mane make him stand out. Has a glaring hatred for Changelings, and blindly follows Fore Cast's slander of Azure, calling him a traitor. He is the sworn enemy and rival to Stalwart, constantly trying to provoke and degrade him. Mark is a flaming spear.

Pastissier Nonpareil
Spoiler: show
Age: 24
A young-ish unicorn stallion, known as Pat for short. A ghostly white stallion with a faded, mint-green mane, Nonpareil is a baker in Canterlot, famous for making incredibly tasty confections. This adoration, however, has lead him to be quite full of himself, and more often then not has been in trouble with health officials for supposedly using magic ingrediants to enchant some of his creations. He also seems to have very little care for other ponies sometimes, thinking of them as customers and fans, and nothing more. His mark is a silver cake cutter with a sparkling cupcake on top.

Dark Azure
Spoiler: show
Age: ???
Through his time at the Hive, Azure has been subject to countless experiments by Frequent. This has lead to an odd side effect; if Azure is ever to become enraged beyond reason, his anger and dark side would take physical form, becoming Dark Azure. He is the complete opposite of Azure; cold, calculating, cruel, flirtatious, and a thrill-seeker; since he is a manifestation of Azure's anger, he simply returns to Azure upon anything fatal happening to him, leading him to be quite carefree. He's not evil, per se, just far more aggresive. He does, hover, desire to be free from Azure, even if it sacrifices his "immortality". Rather rare use in stories.

Chrysalis's/Nightshade's Elite
All the Elite are notable for having manes.
Spoiler: show
Age: 20
Flame is the leader of Chrysalis's Elite Changelings. She's straight-to-the-point and business-like, but does make the occasional joke. A basic Changeling with red eyes and wings, and a curly yet proper mane. Good with fire magic. Had a former mentor named Fuego. Not bothered about Azure.

Spoiler: show
Age: 19
Highly anti-social, Freeze never speaks, unless it's to Chrysalis herself. Normally reading a book of some kind, she ices anything that annoys her. Doesn't care about Azure, or most things, save for one; her ice sculpture collection. Absolutely nopony is allowed to go near them except for her; even the Queen knows to keep her distance. Has faded blue eyes and a straight, hanging mane. Adored by a lot of Changelings for her beauty.

Spoiler: show
Age: 25
Hard-headed, he would prefer to break everything then plan. Quick to anger, and loyal to a fault, he'd do anything for his Queen, which is why he despises Azure, and hates him being the Queen's personal servant. Has beige-brown eyes, a ragged dark brown mane, and is bulkier than most Changelings. Makes the earth shake to prove his point.
Theme: (This one was too perfect)

Spoiler: show
Age: 18
The newest member of the Elite. He's normally lax and casual, but can move incredibly fast when needed. Fulmen actually respects Azure's rights, and normally talks to him, acting as a sort of middle-ground between the pony and the more opressive Changelings, however he is often restricted and barred from action by Fissure, his superior. Uses lightning magic and has yellow eyes, as well as a swept-back gold mane.

Spoiler: show
Age: 15
Fury is the Elite's prankster; she'll often plan jokes or tricks that aren't quite as well-received by the others. Happy and care-free, but suffering from a disease that requires constant treatment, or else. Has a long temper, but causes disasters with tornadoes when angered. Has more butterfly-like wings than normal Changelings. Has calm, pale green eyes, and a short, girly mane with a flower in it. Sometimes drags Azure into her jokes, which he often gets blamed for.

Spoiler: show
Age: 22
Frequent is the Hive's scientist. A prodigy from a young age, any advances in medicine or tech are most likely thanks to him. He was the one who contributed the most to Azure's recovery, but is now charged with looking after and treating Fury by the Queen, and is highly defensive of her. Has grey eyes, and a silver parted mane. Not very humorous. Treats Azure like a captive animal.

Spoiler: show
Age: 21
Fear is completely insane; he'll be spouting absolute nonsence that could confuse even Pinkie Pie. What stays consistant, however, is his cruelty. Has empty, black eyes, which are nearly always hidden by a creepy "owl mask", and a ragged mane. A master of shadows and dark magic, he constantly jump-scares Azure for a cruel joke, and exploits his fear of spiders. Has been nicknamed the Son of Discord for his tricks, and frequently joins in with Fury for pranks.

Spoiler: show
Age: 13
Florescent is Fear's opposite, and much younger brother; a peaceful and calm Changeling wise far beyond his age. He will still fight if nesscary, however, and has the unfortunate luck of his mane looking like a mare's mane, which has many other Changelings tease him. He pays them no mind, however. Has shining white eyes, and treats Azure with respect. Can still be a little childish, though, and has a crush on Fury, though  he'd never admit it.

Spoiler: show
Age: 31
Force is a strange case, and the eldest of the Elite. He is incredibly intelligant, and is more than happy to work for Frequent as an assistant. However, he is quite easy-going, and uses magic to float everywhere. Nopony has ever seen him run. His telekinesis is much stronger than any other Changeling's, and he acts as a father figure to everypony he meets. Has incredibly dark blue eyes, and a shaved, almost hardly noticeable mane. Treats Azure as he would anypony else.

Spoiler: show
Age: 29
Flow is a former member of the Elite. Calm, analytical, and often saddened, she is Force's sister. She objected to forcing Azure to work for them, and so fled into hiding under the alias of a pony scientist named Mass Effect. However, she has since returned to the Hive, and made her presence know to Azure, acting as a supportive mother figure to him and teaching him how to effectively wield the element of water. Has glistening turquoise eyes and a flowing teal mane.

The Retirement Home / MLP Boss Themes
2014 May 15, 11:18:10
I don't know if this should be in Thread Games, or Music, but what the hay:
One thing I love doing is giving a boss battle theme from one franchise to a character or creature from T.V or anything not from a game. So I made this for a little fun; take an MLP character, villain or otherwise, and give them what you think a fitting boss theme would be. It can be any character or variation of them.
I'll start with Pinkamena  ovO

The Retirement Home / Poster Pokemon Types
2014 May 11, 12:42:41
The rules are simple; give the poster above what you think their idea Pokemon type would be.
I'll start with....Ghost-Type.  ovO
Hey everyone!  ^-^ Just checking to see if anyone here plays FFXIV.

I'm thinking about starting a free company for bronies, but with exams and everything, it'll be hard as heck to manage.
If you want to join me, my world is Zodiark, and my character is called Kantero Arrior.

Hope to see some of you online  (:
Video Games Archive / Bravely Default Topic
2014 Apr 16, 15:53:07
Don't know if this has been done before, but anyway:

I recently picked up this game, being a huge fan of Final Fantasy, and am loving every minute of it!
So, what's all your opinions on this game? Likes and dislikes? And please, no spoilers!
Introductions Archive / Hello!
2014 Apr 16, 15:44:08
Hey everyone! My name is Aaron, 16 years old, and from Great Britain. I've posted a few times on this forum before, but i decided to make this so i could just say who i was.  0:)

I'm a bit of a gamer, plus i write a few stories and video scripts in my free time.

Thanks for reading, and brony on!   :)