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Hello Everyone!

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a School Moderator Idol?  Well now is your chance to prove you do and join our team of Corgi Magical Girl Idol Assassins!  Down below will be a list of questions and requirements in order to join our ranks.  Some of the requirements are firm and are not subject to change.  The application will be open from the time of posting till 11/21/2016 11:59PM EST.  This application is open to all members of the community and current members of the LoE team.  All applications must be taken seriously and will be reviewed by myself and the moderation team.  You will be contacted via PM on the forums for the next steps in the process if you are accepted.  Once accepted into the next step, you will be put on a probationary period in which you will be an acting moderator on the forums and chatbox.  From there a final decision will be made on who gets to become a full member.  At any time you can be disqualified if you are found breaking the rules, abusing power, not doing your job, or other conduct that does not uphold the values, teachings, beliefs, or rules of the moderation team and LoE as a whole.

List of Hard Requirements:
(These are not subject to being disputed.  Failure to meet any of these will result in your application being disqualified.)

1. Be over the age of 18

2. A member in good standing on the LoE community.

3. Have and use Discord and Skype daily.

4. Able to work in a team environment

5. Ability to work alone at times

6. Good written and oral communication skills

7. Ability to communicate clearly in English.

8. A computer able to run LoE

9. Work well in a fast paced high stress environment

10. Have a microphone or headset with voice capabilities.

11. Not a current leader of a guild/heard.


1. Forum Name:

2. Email Address:

3. Age:

4. Discord Username:

5. Skype Username:

6. Current Timezone you live in:

7. Hours of Availability:

8. Are you a current member of the LoE team?:

9. If yes, what department?:

10. Have you ever been a member of the LoE team?:

11. If so, what department?:

12. Do you have any moderation experience?:

13. If yes, please list:

14. What would make you a good moderator?:

15. Why do you want to join the moderation team?:

16. What areas do you believe you could better yourself in?:

17. If you could change one thing on the forum, what would it be?:

18. Do you have any Game Master/GM experience with other online games?:

19. If so, please list:

20. Why should we hire you?:

Please fill out the application above fully and to the best of your ability.  They will be reviewed and you will be contacted via forum PM for the next steps in the process.

Warning:  Any applications that are not filled out seriously and with care will be rejected.  Any applications sent to myself, the moderation team, or other members of LoE via Skype, Discord, Email, Chatbox, Forum PM, or other means of electronic or verbal communication will be rejected, and your application will be disqualified.

With these things in mind, I wish you luck and look forward to possibly seeing you on the team.

Moderation Team Lead
Herd (Guild) Discussion / Notice.
2015 Jan 04, 15:37:02
Guilds that have not been active will be archived.

Any guild that has not been active since August of 2014 will be locked, and archived.

If this happens to your guild and you believe this was done in error please respond to this thread.

All other responses will be ignored and deleted.
Attention all forum members.

I have created an archive for the LoE Discussion Board.

Before the creation of a topic please read the archive section of the board to check of the topic has previously been discussed.

This will help reduce clutter on the board so members can discuss the project better

The Retirement Home / Forum cleaning.
2014 Oct 19, 20:28:16
We at the mod team are cleaning the forums.  Save everything you hold dear.
Thread Games / Reset
2014 Oct 19, 20:10:24
All games have been reset.

The Retirement Home / MOVED: Post wars.
2014 Jul 27, 21:27:42
This thread was closed because it promotes sensless spam.

If you are going to post in a thread contriute to the discussion

Spoiler: show

That is right, the moderation team is looking for magical girls to join our ranks!  Are you brave enough to keep the forum free of witches and wraiths?  Sign up to become a moderator and find out.  Down below are the 'must have' requirements to become a member of the Magical Girl Moderation Team.

Forum Name:

Skype Name:



Why would you make a good moderator?

Please add anything else you would like down below:

1. Must be of the age of 18 at time of application.

2. Must be a member and good standing of the forum community.  This means no warning or any of infractions against the rules.

3. Must not be the leader of a guild or herd.

4. Must have previous proven moderation experience.

5. Must be have good availability.

6. Must be able to work alone or on a team.

7. Must be able to work under high stress environments.

8. Must be able to conform to moderation standards and follow the rules of the team, forum, and community.

9. Must be ready and willing to work.

10. Must have Skype, this includes a method to communicate via voice.

Everything listed above is a must have.

Please post your application in this thread here.  The other moderation team members will go over the applications and I will make the final call.  Please do not PM me with your application, you will not be considered unless it is posted here.

Off-Topic Archive / Attention
2013 Aug 07, 00:18:20
The moderation team is on team corgi.  We shall rally our army and take over!
Canterlot Gardens is currently running a kickstarter so we can function in 2013.  As some of you remember LoE did attend and we also had a long list of epic guests.

Follow the link and donate if you can, if you can't that is fine just please spread the word so we can have another amazing convention this year.
Original Characters / Shining Star
2012 Nov 09, 02:56:58

Shining Star was born into the royal family much like his cousin Prince Blue Blood was.  He spent most of his days studying the night sky when he was young which granted him his cutie mark.  Shortly after there was a fire at his home and both of his parents were killed.  Princess Celestia feeling bad took him in and he attended school at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.  After attending school he joined the royal guard academy where he soon excelled to the top of the class.  After graduation he became captain of the guard skilled with the katana.  Canterlot was at its best security for years.  After a while political pressure caused by other members of the royal court due to the mysterious death he left the royal guard.  Shining Star felt that the use of power by the other members of the court was wrong.  Even after Princess Celestia asked him to stay he refused and left.  Since then he has been traveling the land defending other ponies that have been abused by the rich and powerful.

(Yeah that is kinda what I got)
Team Biographies / Perry The Pony
2012 Oct 29, 05:01:24
Name: Perry The Pony


Education: Brunswick High School 2007, MCSA Program 2007, Associates Degree in Computer Network Systems 2009, Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Security 2012.

Fav Color: Blue

Current Projects: Legends of Equestria, Bronytoons, BronyChat.

Current Conventions:

Canterlot Gardens: Head of Registration, Security, Live Events, HR, Staff, Co-Con Chair, Co-Founder (2012-Present)

Ohayocon: Security (2006-2014)

Matsuricon: Head of Convention Operations (2013-present)
More info later if I feel up to it.
Animations Archive / Magic The Traveling.
2012 Jul 17, 05:19:08
It has come to my attention that there is an issue with the decision to delete the IRL picture threads that pop up.  I made the decision to delete them and I deleted them.  This was done to protect the members of our community.  So to end the argument or whatever may come of this I am having my moderation team delete any of these threads and inform me of who started them.  I know there was an argument that it was not in the rules and if needed I will add them to the rules but I do not see a need for this.  This is done to protect you guys our fans and ourselves from any issues that may come.

The Retirement Home / Minor Hicup
2012 Jun 01, 06:00:56
During forum cleaning last night we lost all threads that were 20-30 days old.  We are sorry for the issue this may of caused.

There will be no more posting of Ask <insert name here> threads.  This has been running wild and becoming and issue.  This is not tumblr and if you want to do that go to tumblr.

Applications are now closed.  The applications still left in the thread are the ones that are under review then they will be deleted as we go along.

Canterlot Gardens would like to welcome ponies from every corner of Equestria to Canterlot Gardens, the premiere Ohio fan convention for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. On the days (and nights) of September 28thto the 30th, the Gardens will be open to present the top artists, musicians, and exhibitors of ponydom, as well as a multitude of special guests. Held at the Strongsville Holiday Inn, everypony will get the chance to mingle, mix, and party in the convention suite holding over 1,000 ponies! When Canterlot holds a party, we make it a party.

Registration to enter the Gardens will be open soon, with three-day and single-day passes available. In the meantime, come meet the team behind the Gardens, and join our forum for the latest discussions and calls for volunteers!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for the latest updates on schedule, guests, and attractions! We hope to see you on the green!
Thats right the community gets to try its hand at drawing the Moderation Team's OC's.  They will post theirs here and you guys do your best to draw them how you see fit and how you know us.  Draw us how you see fit and good luck.

Mine is listed below the others will separate theirs.

(Wolfs Ghost / What isn't listed is the Cutie Mark, which is a Quill infront of a Scroll.)

(Ateren / Cutie Mark: Hammer with a yellow bolt of lightning going through it, the Hammer is on it's side.)

(Margin / Cutie Mark: File Cabinet Folder)

(Zilla / Cutie Mark: golden-rimmed monocle and a Cane, The monocle's chain and the cane forming an X The chain is also Golden.)